SVAKOM, founded in 2012, with its headquarters in the United States, a world-renowned high-end brand designed to provide a high-quality sexual lifestyle for users around the world. The product range is inclusive for all types of people and sexual inclinations.

SVAKOM was originally inspired by silicone products. Founder David Yu has been working in the field of silicone products for many years. His experience in business told him that the silicone industry is definitely a market with huge potential as society moves forward. Also the young generation is more innovative and open-minded. David Yu always wanted to create a business in the adult toy industry. He and his designer friends wanted to develop a product to meet the demand of intimacy that would allow people to see subtle changes in the body when they were sexually excited. Soon, a smart vibrator with its endoscopic function, Siime came out. This smart-inspired vibrator not only observes the reaction of the body during the excitement and orgasm, but this highly creative product evokes many people's curiosity and became very well known in the industry.
Since then, SVAKOM's products have been sought after and welcomed in the United States with their innovative ideas, fashionable and avant-garde design, and exquisite production technology. Svakom is a dark horse in the US high-end sex toys industry.
As a world-renowned high-end sex toys brand, SVAKOM has been constantly pursuing excellence and innovation, and has won many international awards such as the German Red Dot Design Award, the iF Design Award and the Taiwan Golden Point Design Award. In 2015, it won the "2015 Best Partner Award" by Amazon. The "Most Innovative Company of The Year 2015" presented by Erofame (Germany). The " Best Sex Toy Technology Award " by "SIGN" magazine in Germany. Various products of SVAKOM were nominated for the best adult toys in the famous fashion magazine "COSMO" in 2016.

SVAKOM was also honored to be invited to participate in the 2017 and 2018 American Emmy Awards, American Music Awards and Academy Awards. It was the only high-end sex toy brand invited. SVAKOM products are highly sought after by the world's leading stars and female users. Since its inception, SVAKOM has accumulated a large number of fans and distributors around the world. SVAKOM's products and services are now available in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

As a globally renowned high-end sex toy manufacturer, Svakom design USA Limited has a team of top industrial design masters who focus on the development and design of innovative products in the field of sex toys. We insist on the user experience in the first place, and its products have won the iF design Award, Red Dot Design Award, Golden Point Design Award, Best Adult Toy Award of the Year many times.

Through system design, from product design, brand planning, interactive design, CMF (color, material, finishes) research applications, etc. We have created a variety of state-of-the-art products that meet the needs of different regions. So far, SVAKOM products have been sold in more than 100 countries and regions, with operations centers and branches in the United States, Europe, Japan, and China.
Care | Elegant | Fashionable | Intelligent

Nov. 2012. SVAKOM established in the U.S.
Dec. 2012. Created SVAKOM intelligent mode.
Mar. 2013. Successfully obtained worldwide patents.
Apr. 2013. SVAKOM landed Chinese market as we attended in the 10th Shanghai international adult exhibition.
Aug. 2013. Launched the new wireless camera vibrator in Hongkong exhibition.
Sept. 2013. SVAKOM official flagship store opened in Guangzhou.
Jan. 2014. SVAKOM flagship store opened in Beijing.
Feb. 2014. Attended PINK TOKYO adult exhibition in Japan, signaling SVAKOM's official landing in Japanese market.
Mar. 2014. Echo and Siime won the IF design award
Mar. 2014. Siime and Siime Eye won the Golden Pin Design Award.
Mar. 2014. Attended the 21st Brazil adult exhibition, successfully landed Brazilian market
Nov. 2014. Attended Hannover Erofame adult exhibition, launched the new product Alice.
Apr. 2015. Attended the 12th Shanghai adult exhibition, launched the new product Emma
May 2015. Emma won the Reddot Award
Oct. 2015. Attended Hannover Erofame, won the Most Innovative Company Of The Year 2015 presented by EroFam and the Best Sex Toy Technology Award presented by Sign Magazine.
Dec. 2015. Won the Best Partner Award from Amazon.
Oct. 2016. Attended Hannover EroFame, launched a series of new products such a Trysta, Adonis, Primo etc.

Dec. 2016. SVAKOM online shop added onto the biggest Chinese women lifestyle app Dayima.
Mar. 2017. The Global Times conducted a comprehensive interview and report on SVAKOM as a typical example of the industry.
Apr. 2017. SVAKOM located into the biggest social online shop platform Red.
Aug. 2017. SVAKOM product Elva achieved the best sell in the bullet category on
Aug. 2017. Attended the 2017 HK AEE, won the most luxurious sex toys line of the year award.
Sept. 2017. Invited to participate in the 69th US Emmy Awards brand promotion event
Nov. 2017. Invited to participate in the 45th US American Music Awards ceremony global high-end brand promotion.
Dec. 2017. SVAKOM enters China's largest cross-border e-commerce platform - Netease Koala.
Mar. 2018. Signed a contract agreement for the cooperate with Freshhema, SVAKOM as the first batch of high-end sex toys brand officially settled in the Freshhema, began to get involved in "new concept retail";
Mar. 2018. SVAKOM was invited to participate in the 90th US Academy Awards ceremony for global high-end brand promotion. SVAKOM is the only high-end sex toys brand in the world that was invited to participate in the Oscars.
Jun. 2018. announced the "618" medical health report on the day, Elva won the best sales in the bullet category.
Aug. 2018. ELVA won the British Best sex toys of the year from magazine Good Housekeeping.
Sept. 2018. Magazine Cosmopolitan voted Emma as the best waterproof toy.
Oct. 2018. SVAKOM has attended the erotic fair EroFame in Hannover, Germany
Oct. 2018. SVAKOM Sponsored & attended erotic fair VENUS 2018
Oct. 2018. SVAKOM with our distributor Pink Rabbit Presented EroExpo in Moscow, Russian
Jan. 2018. SVAKOM Attended Salon D'amour et Seduction in Montreal,Canada
Feb. 2019. Nymph won the iF design award as the "best fun toys"