All You Should Know About Using a Prostate Massager

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You may have been regularly hearing about prostatic massagers, and understandably, you are eager to know why everyone is suddenly getting crazy about them. Fundamentally, prostate massage involves the stimulation of the prostate gland via the insertion of a finger (or a sex toy) in the rectum.

The lovable objective here is to stimulate the walnut-sized prostate enough to release seminal fluid from the duct. The prostate gland is stationed between the bladder and the root of your penis.

Interestingly, the seminal fluid here is that very fluid that combines with sperm to produce semen. Believe me, you are missing a whole lot if you are yet to give your prostate this sweet treat. Most people tell me the intensity of the pleasure is similar to that they get from playing with their G-spots. I wouldn’t argue with them.

Granted, getting your fingering your rectum is not only ridiculously old school, but it is also challenging for a newbie to get his fingers as far as the deep, sensitive area without help. This explains why people are getting endeared to prostate massagers, being that these devices are specially optimized to stimulate the sensitive erogenous zone.

Are prostate massagers like dildos? I will say a big NO. Prostate massagers are uniquely designed for flexibility, essentially with a curved shape to ensure they majestically touch the prostate.
Given the overwhelming number of prostate massagers swimming in the market right now, it is difficult to pick the ideal one for you, right?

Have a seat, in this definitive guide, we will explore the critical considerations that should guide your choice of a prostate massager.

Ready for the trip?


What is the prostate massager made of?


When picking prostate massagers, it is essential to prioritize the material makeup of the massager.


The material used in the design of the massager not only determine the sensation accrued from using the massager, it wholly determines the health of the massager.

Don’t joke with this, you don’t want the myriad of nightmares like itching, burning, and even tissue damage that comes with using a sex toy made from poor materials.

Well, there are a lot of material types to pick from. Basically, you would have to choose between two categories: porous and non-porous materials. Non-porous materials, without a doubt, are the way to go when picking materials.

Some of these non-porous materials include silicone, steel, metals, and glass. The SVAKOM Judy, for example, is made of body-safe silicone that would treat your body with royalty.

Porous materials like jelly, latex, and rubber are not advisable given their propensity to break down and also their keenness for harboring bacteria.

These bacteria which could get into you when you use such sex toys can turn out a disaster. Some of these prostate massagers made from non-porous materials are notorious for leaving debris in your body.


What size should you buy?



How big is the prostate massager you are buying? This is one big question you should be asking yourself.

Truth is, there is no definitive size to go for – you can go for big or small. Essentially, I always advise people to choose the size based on their experience with using anal sex toys.

 If I were just a newbie starting out with prostate massager, I would want to go for a slimmer massager. Here, I could be aiming for a sex toy with a diameter of somewhere around 1 inch or something fairly smaller.

It is always better to start from thinner ones as bigger prostate massagers may be quite uncomfortable at first. Then you can steadily graduate up the charts as you gather valuable experience with anal sex toys enough to move up to the bigger one with larger diameters.


How about the vibration?


Here is where things start to get juicy. You will have to choose between a prostate massager that vibrates and one that doesn’t. One thing is for sure: you will not enjoy replicating the vibration manually.

This is why I always recommend going for a vibrating prostate massager to enable you to relax (with lesser responsibilities) and savor the experience to the fullest. Well, I agree that not everyone would be OK with a vibrating prostate massager.

To be on a safer side, it is better to go for a prostate massager that allows you to adjust the vibrator. This kind of massagers permits you to switch off and switch on the vibrator depending on what you want at every specific scenario.

The SVAKOM Julie, for example, lavishes you with as many as 5 vibration modes enhanced with 5 distinct vibration intensities. So effectively, this prostate massager gives you 25 ways to enjoy a mind-blowing prostate orgasm. How amazing!



Would you want a remote control feature?


I have seen a lot of people enjoy a hands-free experience when using prostate massagers. Actually, I prefer it that way. The prostate massager can do all the work thrilling you with minimal manual assistance when using a rocking motion.

Alright, I will tell you the truth. A beginner starting out with prostate massagers may not get that jolly orgasm without their hands on their first try.

It takes time. But if you are keen on getting the hands-free orgasm soonest, you should explore a remote-controlled prostate massager to get the job done.


Can you use it in the shower?


This is another significant question you be asking when buying prostate massagers. Many of us love giving ourselves a good treat in the shower. It is kind of more fun when the water is dripping off your skin, right?

Sadly, not all prostate massagers are safe to use in the shower, given that some are more prone to corrosion when sustainably exposed to moisture. This is particular to the metal ones.

If you ask me, I will tell you to go for a waterproof prostate massager that you can use in the shower. The SVAKOM Vick Remote Controlled Dual Motor Prostate Massaging Vibrator, for instance, is splashproof of IPX4 level. This means that this prostate massager is safe from splashing water regardless of the direction.



Will the massager get stuck?


You may say this is not a crucial consideration, but I beg to disagree. It is vital to ensure that the massager is safe to put inside you. Depending on how you want to use it, the base should be appropriate.

If you are going to be leaving the prostate massager in your body for a more extended period, I will advise you to go for a prostate massager with a flared base. This base design ensures that it travels a safe distance without getting stuck inside.

If you want to retain a huge chunk of responsibility when using your prostate massager, I will advise you to buy handle prostate massagers. This way, you are dominantly in control over how the prostate massager moves, as you can readily reposition it. Indeed, if you belong to this category, you should make sure that your choice of a prostate massager isn’t exceedingly slippy.

Generally, prostate massagers come with a curved design to enable it to touch the prostate massager at once. But then, the element of variety comes in with the handles attached. Some are furnished with flat handles, while others circular handles.

When picking these handles, you have to consider how you will be holding the prostate massager for maximum pleasure. Also, factor in your physical and body limitations.


Can you wear it out?


I agree, not all of you would want to use your prostate massager indoors. Some of you would take the fun outdoors, correct?

If you would be wearing your prostate massagers out, you will be best served by a prostate massager with a discreet base that is flared and comfy too. If you would be wearing your prostate massager for extended periods outdoors, then you should go for those with a t-bar design.

Another huge consideration is if you will be sitting down when you wear your prostate massagers outside your home. You will concur with me that if the angles aren’t appropriate, sitting down with your prostate massager outdoors can be quite challenging, especially given the possibility of people seeing it under your clothes when you walk around.

The latter is particularly embarrassing!


What else can it do for you?

Versatility is always a precious addition when picking prostate massagers. There are massagers fitted with an extra arm design. This is targeted at stimulating then external organ, enhancing the sensation with the main arm taking care of internal stimulation.

I have seen a couple of prostate massagers equipped with cock rings. This can help you better attain prostate orgasm. When you have a prostate massager furnished with a cock ring, it gives you the ample room to concentrate your energies on prostate stimulation while maintaining your penis erection all through the exercise.

Before we conclude, let us address an infamous misconception that prostate massagers are discomfiting.


Are prostate massagers painful?


Agreed, some people complain of burning sensation and overall discomfort when using prostate massagers. But as a matter of fact, prostate massagers, themselves, are not painful – so long you follow due protocol.

Most people feel soreness because of the vigorousness with which they use the massagers. Don’t forget that the prostate is lined with delicate tissues which are pretty prone to abrasion, tear, and cuts.
To reduce the risk of discomfort or pain when using prostate massagers, we recommend you:
Use a good amount of water-based lubricant, preferably the non-fragranced variant, to prevent incidence of rectal damage. You can also use silicone-based lubricants.
You can also use nitrile gloves or latex to enhance protection.
Prior to having a rectal massage, you can get a bit of douching to get rid of fecal matter in your rectum.
Depending on the size of the massager, ensure to trim and file your fingernails to avoid scratches, tears, or cuts to your prostate.

There you go! This is an encompassing guide on prostate massagers and how you should pick and use them. Make sure to factor all these considerations in – along with the cost of the prostate massager – when buying your massager. Doing this leaves little room for regret, ensuring that you have maximum value for your buck!