World Sex Day: June 9th, why?

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Many do not know why today, September 6, World Sex Day is celebrated. Know the reason in this blog

Today, June 9th, World Sex Day is celebrated, but not many people worldwide know why this date is celebrated today. This is because the date refers to the combination of the number six with the nine, "69", known sexual position of the Kamasutra. It is worth mentioning that the popular sexual pose refers to two people having sex, specifically oral sex, and is widely enjoyed by people of both genders.



The good thing about this pose is that it allows you to control the intensity of the oral stimulation. If your partner gets on top, it will be much easier to perform magic with the hand (or with a sex toy) in the perineum area; a very sensitive area below the testicles, for example.


Put a sex toy and an ice cube on the nightstand. So, when partner gives you oral sex, she/he can play with both elements and thus increase your pleasure.

The best day to have sex

What is the best day to have sex? Researchers from the London School of Economics and Political Science indicate there is a particular day of the week to have sex. Keep reading

Although you might believe that weekends are the ideal day for couples to have intimate moments, since they should not worry about work or chores, research reveals that, biologically, the body is better able to obtain a satisfactory experience during sexual intercourse on Thursdays.

Some other positions to combine with the 69

The Spider

It is one of the most stimulating sexual positions that exist. You both sit on the bed with your legs stretched out towards each other, while you lean with your arms behind you. Place your partners’ hips between your open legs, with your knees slightly bent and your feet flat on the bed.




Do not forget to add the right amount of lube. When practicing this pose, you will have to balance it gently, first forward and then backward.

Now try this:

Encourage your partner to grab your hands and play with your penis while she is lying down.

The bicycle

Take advantage of it

The best thing about this position is enjoying watching how the penis enters and leaves the body.




Do it like this

The first thing you need to do is lie on your back on the edge of the bed. Now rest the legs against your partners' chest, as if you were going to do a bicycle exercise. Grab the ankles and gently penetrate inside. As you both become comfortable with this position, increase the intensity of the penetration


Encourage him to touch his clit as you penetrate them. Also show him how he can control penetration by flexing his legs.