Why do we fall in love more intensely when we are traveling?

Posted by SVAKOM 29/09/2020 0 Comment(s) Official blog,

Because when we travel, we are dedicated to adventure.

And falling in love is one of the adventures that we will never tire of experiencing.

Because there is no option to leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

There is no time for future dates, nor to doubt if it is the best time to have the first kiss. One more day may be the equivalent of a hundred kilometers of separation between you....

Because on the way we are only travelers.

We do not hide behind social labels or define ourselves through superfluous duties, we do not worry if we will fit in well with her group of friends or she (he) with ours. We are all on the same frequency and we recognize what attracts us without much filter.


Because when we are traveling, we are more sensual.

We are with our senses at full capacity, super receptive to new experiences. We try new foods, breathe a new air, let ourselves be carried away by whatever the new place has to offer us. It is natural that in this state of relaxation and exaltation, the spark of love takes place.

Because falling in love and traveling are the two human experiences that make us feel most alive.

They are two processes that fix us in the here and now with the greatest explosions of dopamine that we have ever experienced. It is natural that one inspires the other and that they happen together.

Because empathy becomes something more real and less abstract.

In everyday life, empathy becomes something of science fiction and the differences between different social contexts can dissolve it completely. When we travel, we are all in the same boat: we share problems, joys and satisfactions in an almost metaphysical way.

Because we completely eliminate the small detail that "he does not like to travel."

If you are passionate about traveling, you will always take that passion into account when choosing a partner, even in the most sedentary stages of your life. Finding a love during the trip is a guarantee that you are compatible in something that moves you and makes you feel alive ... and that you can explore together immediately.

Because when we travel the conversations are more real.

As we are with strangers, we do not have stories in common or so many topics to gossip. Superfluous conversations last less and quickly become more philosophical talk. Sometimes we also have a lot of time… train trips and long waits. And nothing makes you fall in love more than getting lost for hours in an eternal conversation with the person you like.


Because the memories of summer loves inspire us all our lives.

Swimming naked in the sea, visiting Toledo together for the first time or spending a whole night playing say it with mimicry, each trying to learn the other's language. And those farewells full of kisses and tears and a passion that ends just in the best! The loves in travel times are so good that one can become as addicted to them as to the very fact of traveling.