The Complete Guide to Have That Mind-blowing Anal Orgasm

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To many out there today, anal orgasm is yet some fantastical enigma. There are so many baffling misconceptions about anal orgasm.

Ask some, they will tell you it is not fun at all. Ask another percentage, they would say to you that the penetrating partner exclusively enjoys the fun.

How true are all these?

In this revealing guide, we will tell you all you need to know about anal orgasm, clearing off all the puzzling misconceptions surrounding it.

Before we proceed any further, what is anal orgasm perse?


Examining what anal orgasm really means



Keep all the technicality aside, an anal orgasm is no more than an orgasm attained by stimulating your anus. Take note that there is a worthy difference between blended orgasm and anal orgasm.

The orgasm is largely connected with the titillation of tons of nerve endings stationed in the anus. Granted, the biology behind anal orgasm differs depending on if you have a prostate or not.

Commonly, I am asked how one can enjoy an anal orgasm with a prostate or how they can achieve anal orgasm without a prostate. To begin with, a prostate is commonly seen as the male answer to the female G-spot.

Typically, the prostate is located inside the anus. To better visualize it, it is about the size of a walnut located at a length equivalent of ¾ of your finger inside your anus. Upon arousal, this prostate swells.

Anal orgasms are not only exclusive to those with a prostate. You can still stimulate the G-spot (for women) via anal play. This is possible by maximizing the shared wall separating the vagina from the rectum, specifically via indirect contact.

Having cleared this air, let us explore how you can enjoy the best of anal sex. This leads us to valuable tips you don't miss to enjoy that mind-blowing orgasm that you have always dreamed of.

Step-by-step tips on how to achieve a thrilling anal orgasm


You can start alone


Given the prevalent collaborative (between sex partners) nature of anal sex, you could question my advice to start on your own first. I will explain.

If you are just entering the world of anal sex, it is best to try it out on your own to better come to terms with the sensation of anal sex. Upon considerable acclimatization, you can move on to having anal sex with a partner.

I have seen that many people who start with partners admit it to be significantly painful at first. This is understandable because they are most time learning at the pace of their partner.

It is more personalized when say you start fingering your anus yourself. Make sure your fingernails are appropriately filed. You can start with a circling motion. Try rubbing your finger pad circularly in the area of your P-spot.


Get lubed


Possibly, you may need to add some lube. This is because, unlike the inherent lubrication that comes with vaginal stimulation, the anus doesn't lubricate itself.

Proceeding without a lube comes with the risk of tearing things up in your anus. No doubt, you don't want the hell of discomfort that comes with this.

A premium quality lube like the SVAKOM Natural Passion Fruit Flavor has a lovable water-based formula for maximum pleasure and comfort with delicate pH balance.






Always start slowly so that your body can gradually adjust. Your sphincter muscles must be relaxed first. These sphincter muscles are the guys that ensure your poop doesn't sporadically spill out.

Begin by massaging the area around your anus so that the application of the lube helps you adapt to the sensation much quicker. Now, when you start feeling considerable discomfort, you may want to add more lube or slow down your rhythm of insertion.

Now, here is a big warning you don't want to miss. You shouldn't touch your vagina (or your clitoris) with that specific finger that you have just inserted in the anus. Doing this comes with a high risk of infection as you might end up spreading bacteria to your vagina. This is why you should thoroughly wash your hand (after inserting your fingers in your anus) before you move on to put inside your vagina.


Ensure you are clean


Many of people engaging in anal sex are quick to wave off this tiny but critical instruction. I always advocate that you have a bowel movement before you go on to have anal sexual activity. This will save you from the horrors of surprises when this exercise gets on.

Best practice, make sure you use warm and soap in cleaning the external area bounding the anus. To go further, you can use baby wipes in cleaning the perimeter.

If you are keen on hygiene, you may want to remove hair around the anus area. This is not difficult. You could just shave or wax. Nonetheless, removing the hair is not mandatory.

You could get a hot bath prior to anal play. This is to loosen your supposedly taut muscles. Loosened this way, there is an enhanced flow of blood all around. While bathing, you could massage your erogenous zones.


For partners, ensure you are in steady communication


If you are not on solo play, then you and your partner need to be fervently interacting. If you are the party whose anus is being penetrated, you have to essentially set the rules before the exercise begins.

I have been privy to too many cases where communication was scarce, and one partner ends up in mind-numbing pain while the other is ecstatically in his private cloud 9.

You don't necessarily need your partner to pull unsavory surprises on you. Certainly, you could give him verbal cues on which speed to go at specific intervals. This could include signals to speed up, tone it down, add more lube, or stop entirely.

Such cues are immensely valuable as your partner may be too carried away to focus on your facial expressions enough to modulate his tempo around that.

Good, having set the pre-conditions, let us get into the real details of having anal sex with your partner.


You should get aroused first


While many partners are quick to get physical when having anal sex, I recommend that both parties are psychologically tuned for the act. This involves arousing yourself before penetration.

If you can even have an orgasm before the anal sex proper, it makes things even more mind-blowing. Pre-arousal enables both parties (especially the person being penetrated) to relax first to make the penetration much more effortless.

This is why I tell most couples to try to have regular sex first before anal sex. This increases the chances of anal orgasm being more stunning.


Make sure to pick the right position


No doubt, for anal sex, there is barely any position that compares with the thrilling pleasures of the doggy position. However, there are some exceptions we need to look at.

If you are new to anal sex, the doggy style may not be the best for you. Why? Because being your first time experiencing anal sex, you may be uncomfortable or outrightly in pain.



A doggy position implies that your partner may not be able to directly see your facial expression and ascertain if you are enjoying it or if you are in pain. Also, a doggy style means your partner can't see your facial expression to optimize their speed or depth of penetration.

Possibly, you may resort to perpetually talking your partner through the exercise, which I don't need to tell you significantly reduces the fun. For beginners, I advocate you try sitting on the lap of your partner. This resembles the typical cowgirl style.

This allows you to control the entire procession better, you can determine how far your partner penetrates your anus or how fast he goes.

Now, after positioning yourself in the cowgirl (or doggy style if you so desire), your partner doesn't have to be pushing in all by himself, you can push back on him. This way, you remain in dominant control of the exercise.


You may want to stretch yourself



Some couples I have come across prefer to pre-stretch before typical penetration. So you may want to loosen up your anus with a butt plug beforehand. It is up to you, just anyone can put in the butt plug – either you or your partner.

Butt plugs work remarkably well in the relaxation of your muscles before penetration proper. They also make you more sensitive to anal sex.



You can try double penetration



You can ramp up the pleasure by doubly penetrating yourself. This may mean you are using a vibrator or dildo on yourself while your partner is penetrating you anally. This makes the fun more shared between the two parties. This can make your anal orgasm more mind-bending!

In all, these are all you need to know to reach that epic anal orgasm you will remember all your life. Nonetheless, we always advocate that you equally prioritize your health while seeking out that fantastic anal orgasm.