Testimonial Roman

Posted by SVAKOM 10/09/2020 0 Comment(s) SVAKOM Crew Testimonials,

Hi, everyone! My name is Roman and I am representative of Svakom in Russia. I’ve been working in Svakom for more than 1.5 years and I can surely say that this is the most interesting job I’ve ever had. I remember the very first time when I fell in love with Svakom, I worked at adult retail store and used to sell this brand among many others, but I have always felt a very special connection with this specific brand.

By the time I left my previous company, Svakom had grown a lot in Russia and they were at the point where they needed a local person to meet the needs of many loyal customers. It was an amazing opportunity for me and I started to do trainings and trade shows with them. From the very first weeks I realized, that finally I landed my dream job.

I remember my first training in Moscow like it was yesterday- I was nervous but excited. The most pleasant and interesting thing in my work is, of course, trips around the country with trainings. You may find yourself in the most unusual places as in Dagestan - the most Muslim region of Russia - and see how the undisguised interest in sex and everything connected with it is combined with ancient traditions and religion, for example. Also this trips have a crazy and, sometimes embarrassing, side - I'm a regular guest at checkpoints in airports and railway stations because the X-ray always show a lot of electronics and they stop me for questioning. When they find out what’s in my suitcase the only question that they can ask is "why do you need so many vibrators?" and it all end in awkward looks and laughter and that gives me so much joy as weird as it sounds.

I still get a lot of pleasure from my trips, meeting with people and trainings where I talk about Svakom and that’s the main reason why I love my job. Company’s philosophy, relationships between colleagues, creativity and positive attitude made me love this company and I’m happy to be a part of it!