SVAKOM Best Sex Toys For Women's Day

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The best sex toys for Women's Day


Whenever we talk about International Women's Day, the conversation naturally turns to sex. We've come a long way since those dark days of male-dominated sexuality, and today women have plenty to celebrate. Now that the old taboos have been broken, girls are empowered to enjoy the full range of pleasures including sex toys – with or without a partner, and regardless of whether a partner happens to be male or female.
In this article we'll explore the new sexual freedom that we've earned, and we'll highlight a couple of toys that women have chosen as the best-selling favorites here at SVAKOM. Let's get to the bottom of why they're so popular.


We've come a long way, baby


But before we can appreciate how far we've come on the road to women's sexual freedom, first let's take a quick look backward to see where we've been: Back in the old days, pleasure was all about a man's power and control over what happened in bed, as well as in the womb. In those days, “fatherly” legislators were the ones who decided whether women had access to birth control, and even decided what kinds of careers we could have.
In more recent times, women have still been viewed as mere facilitators of men's ejaculation, and it was considered naughty to think about self-pleasure. Fortunately those days are gone forever – Women now have plenty of options, and some of the best pleasures come from our toys – the kind of toys that don't talk back. With that in mind, let's take a look at a couple of the very best companions with which to celebrate Women's Day.




The Nymph is ready for anything, anywhere, anytime. It's a soft, supple vibrator with moving fingers that stimulate you both inside and out. With 5 adjustable vibrating modes and intensities, the Nymph will take you to places you've never been before, and it can make the ride as hard or soft as you like. It's versatile, too – The Nymph can stimulate nipples and clitoris as easily as it can excite the head of a man's penis. After all, women can share their vibrators with men – Liberation goes both ways!



Another reason why Nymph is so popular is its award-winning waterproof design – Unlike some other vibrators, you can take it into the shower, tub or pool. Whether you want to feel pleasure alone or with a partner of either sex, the Nymph is an excellent choice.


Nymph features



✔ Moving-finger vibrator with a rounded bulb head for both internal and external pleasure
✔ 5 vibrating modes, 5 intensities, and 3 ways to grasp it
✔ Made of environmentally-friendly, ultra-soft silicone and body-safe ABS
✔ Single-piece IPX 7 waterproof design suitable for full immersion
✔ Award-winning shape is perfect for single or couples pleasure
✔ Rechargeable lithium battery and charger with 300mAh
✔ Gives 1.5 hours of pleasure with charging time of only 40 minutes
✔ Size & weight: 156 x 40.5 millimeters, 93 grams
✔ 1-year manufacturer's warranty
✔ 10-year guarantee on quality of materials


Whether you're looking for the ideal sex toy for yourself or for a special friend, Nymph is a perfect gift to celebrate sexual freedom on Women's Day as well as the rest of the year.





Siren  or Women's Day because it's the most intense sex toy we have here at SVAKOM. Although it's technically described as a double-tongued G-spot and clitoris vibrator, many of us say it's named Siren because it makes us scream like a fire engine when we hit the right spot. In any case, Siren is the perfect sex toy for adventurous women seeking pleasure while alone, or with any partner.



The best vibes come from small packages


The reason this sex toy is so popular is because Siren has a reputation for offering the strongest vibration from the smallest package. With Siren's 3 different intensity settings, there's something for everyone. Although it was designed specifically for clitoral stimulation, it works equally well on other sensitive parts of the body, both inside and out. The double-tongue design gives overlapping waves of vibration that drive women – and our male partners – to absolute distraction.


Siren is versatile as well as strong


Here's how Siren performs its magic – There are two buttons, one on each side. One of them controls the double-tongue action, and with just a single click you can change the intensity. Meanwhile, the other button controls the round-headed end. Just click once to vary the intensity, and twice to change the vibration mode. You'll have multiple orgasms, fast.


A little stallion with lots of horsepower


Siren's strong built-in motor is truly a workhorse, and it delivers a deep buzz that puts other vibrators to shame. The round-headed side combines 5 different vibration modes with 5 different intensities, and the double-tongue side offers 3 intensities for a complete range of enjoyment, from sexy teasing to crazy multiple orgasms. In fact, the motor is so powerful that this sex toy features a “travel lock” function to help you prevent the Siren from accidentally powering-on at an awkward moment – Just hold down both buttons together for 5 seconds.


Siren features


✔ Double-tongue G-spot and clit vibrator
✔ 5 round-head vibration modes + 5 round-head intensities
✔ 3 double-tongue intensities
✔ Most powerful motor in the smallest package
✔ Made of eco-friendly, ultra-soft silicone and body-safe ABS
✔ Waterproof materials suitable for full immersion
✔ Award-winning design perfect for single or couples pleasure
✔ Rechargeable lithium battery and charger with 500mAh
✔ Runs 3 full hours with only 2-hour charging time
✔ Size & weight: 188.5 x 45 millimeters, 174 grams
✔ 1-year manufacturer's warranty
✔ 10-year guarantee on quality of materials


Celebrate International Women's Day the right way


For women who want the ultimate double-tongued G-spot and clitoris vibrator, Siren is our first choice. It's the most popular women's toy here at SVAKOM, and it's the perfect way to embrace your sexuality, whether solo or with a partner. It's time to celebrate Women's Day by claiming erotic power and pleasure at the same time, and the two sex toys featured in this article are your best tools for the job.