PornHub is committed to sex education for its users

Posted by SVAKOM 03/03/2021 0 Comment(s) Official blog,

Let's be honest, not all of us are educated enough about certain issues, especially when it comes to the topic of sex and all its variants, between disagreement, shame and taboos; things can get a little complicated and being frank can turn into a nightmare. Like that time one acquaintance of mine was told that the topic of sex and sex education should be learned in solitude and, if discussed, only with her partner. She was just trying to tell me how much she had enjoyed a class at a sex education center… Smh!

The taboo nature of this topic is a serious problem that we face all the time, because if we do not talk about it openly (always respecting the limits of others, of course), we will not make a difference. The worst thing is not ignorance, but a lack of desire to learn and to teach others, because, only by understanding the problem, we will have the power to solve it.

Therefore, sex education is very important both for those who are just planning to start a sexual life, and for those who have already tasted the fruits of it and consider themselves the "big wolf".

And PornHub is making their part to help break down misconceptions by releasing a series called "Sex Ed". A total of 11 episodes were filmed, starring sex therapists, psychologists and even scientists.

From explaining how to properly use condoms, talk about masturbation and the peculiarities of the structure and biology of our bodies; experts analyze and disclose all the information in the hopes of bringing their platform and their audience to a closer understanding.

The first episode has already come out and it focuses on basic communication about sex. "Everyone deserves to have their boundaries respected," says sexopathologist Kat Meyers. "If you're going to have sex, you have to know how to talk about it."

Another episode addresses sex during the pandemic. "A recent study showed that the new virus has been found in semen," claims a board-certified sexopathologist. “But don't worry, there is no conclusive evidence yet that the virus can be sexually transmitted. This challenging period has also seen the development and even greater popularization of high-tech sex toys, which allow you to access control through an app on your smartphone.”

The series is already available on the portal and, according to the, they want to provide viewers with "relevant and important information from various experts, doctors and opinion leaders." So, Pornhub is doing their part on adding that extra bit that will, consequently benefit the user in more than one way. Because there’s nothing more pleasurable than enjoying their content while learning a thing or two on the way, am I right?

You can see a first episode here: