Popular Myths About Sex Toys That Need to be Debunked Today

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Sex toys are not a contemporary invention. You may be intrigued to learn that our very ancestors have explored adult toy equivalents (to prop up the excitement of their sex lives) as far back as the Stone Age. 

Despite this longstanding history of adult toys, we have been unable to fully shake off some myths associated with adult toys. These myths – which are largely unfounded – have made people afraid of exploring these intimate toys or being embarrassed seen with these toys.

The fact that some states around the world forbid the over-the-counter sale of sex toys alludes to the enduring misconceptions that surround these toys. Trust me, there is so much you have heard about adult toys that aren't true. 

Ready to learn the facts and debunk the myths? Let us go!

Myth 1: Only single ladies and men use sex toys

You must have heard of this, right? Over the years, it has been slowly consolidating in our consciousness that sex toys are for losers, single rejects that have failed to secure a fruitful relationship.


Sadly, this is completely untrue and even damaging to the honor of adult toys. Indeed, these toys make your solo sex sessions more thrilling, lavishing you with those mind-bending orgasms. Is there anything criminal about giving yourself a special sexual treat? Don't get it wrong, masturbating with adult toys doesn't mean that you are shutting off the possibility of sexually connecting with a human partner.

Sex toys make your masturbation more fulfilling and healthier. That you masturbate with intimate toys doesn't mean you are necessarily lonely and abandoned. Some individuals enjoy a special relish from their solo sex sessions, being that they perfectly understand their body and sensitivity. Masturbation – when done healthily – is one of the most potent ways to combat depression and stress.

Ready for more? Masturbation goes as far as reducing the risk of cancer in women and men. It has also been proven that a good orgasm from masturbation relieves common colds. So why should you be embarrassed and feel like a loner for using sex toys? You are effectively consolidating your health while independently driving yourself to that sweet cloud 9!

Whats more, couples also use intimate toys to amplify the sexual tempo of their foreplays. Couples are increasingly adopting these toys as they improve the pleasure derivable from penetrative sex. Indeed, more women today reach their climax more easily via clitoral stimulation with vibrators.

Myth 2: Sex toys will reduce the sensitivity of your sex organs

Ask many ladies around. Many are scared of trying out these sexual toys because of the massively propagated misconception that these toys would numb their sensitivity. But how true is this?

The reality is that the vibrations from your sex toys will not destroy the nerve cells concentrated in the sensitive part of the vagina. You cannot wear out your vagina; it is not an old car battery that dies off from continuous usage.

Studies have revealed that vibrators (instead of desensitizing you) improve the lady's sensitivity prior to sexual intercourse by amplifying her lubrication and ramping up her mental preparedness for sex. This is precisely by increasing the targeted flow of blood to your genitals, propping arousal, and sensitivity. You agree that all these significantly contribute to that memorable orgasm.

According to  Leah Millheiser, M.D., director of the Female Sexual Medicine Program at Stanford University School of Medicine, "the idea that you could end up numbing the nerves in your vagina and be unable to have an orgasm is absolutely false. That is a made-up sensationalized headline, and it's not backed by science."

Myth 3: Couples using sex toys are desperately trying to restore the lost spark in their relationship

There is this misdirected propaganda that has been fervently pedaled around. People ask, "if the couples are yet obsessed with themselves, why do they switch to adult toys?" To correct this misunderstanding, it is crucial to point out that sex toys are not necessarily in direct competition with humans.


Sex toys can't directly replace one of the partners in a relationship. Therefore, it is not like one of the couples is FALLING BACK to intimate toys due to the sexual deficiencies of the other. These sex products majorly bring a new dimension to the sex life of couples. It adds that flavor of variety.

Redundancy is not only limited to relationships, it is seen across all spheres of life. Doing one task repeatedly at the office is sure to breed a sense of monotony. Also, do you remember how palpitated you used to be when mom is cooking a new type of dish in the kitchen?

It is inherent in man to go for something NEW. No one is at fault for seeking freshness. Therefore, it is only natural that couples' sex lives will get boring if they "sentence" themselves all their lives to the orthodox missionary sex where the lady simply lie down all the time on the bed.

This is what sex toys bring: FRESHNESS. Using these toys give couples more room for erotic exploration. It is not like they are desperate to sustain the flame of the relationship, which is already dying.

A sex toy like the SVAKOM Elva with its thrilling vibrations helps keep things exciting, magnifying the sexual tempo of foreplay, getting both couples perfectly tuned in mentally for sex. Such experimentation brings that zest of unpredictability in your coital sessions. You want your partner to have something extra to look forward to.

Here is one intriguing statistic to make the reality clearer. Nowadays, 76% of women would love their partners using adult toys on them during their sexual encounters, while 89% of men are charged up sexually using adult toys on their partners. How amazing?  

Myth 4: Sex toys will stretch your vagina

Ouch! This is probably one of the ridiculous misconceptions I have heard about sex products. How on earth will using a vibrator stretch your vagina? Well, let us face the fact.


The vagina is organic and highly elastic, like a flexible envelope. If you don't insert anything into the vagina, it is natural to stay close with each side touching the other. When you insert your vibrator or dildos into the vagina or your partner inserts his penis into your vagina, the labia will open up to accommodate the inserted object, and so would your vagina.

Now the thing is when that inserted object is removed, the walls of the vagina would naturally relax back into their rest state. Therefore, regardless of your masturbation session with your sex toy, your vagina will normally restore into its default closed state.

This is where people get it wrong. The frequency of using these toys is what matters, not the fact that you are using sex products. Do you get it? Similarly, if you frequently have sex with your partner (many times in a day), it is normal for your vagina to be relatively more open.  

This is because there may not be sufficient time for your vagina walls to relax back to their rest state. You would expect a similar reaction if you use a vibrator or dildo excessively. However, if you are using sex toys in a healthy masturbation routine, your vagina will not have any issues.

Myth 5: People see you as dirty and freaky when you buy sex toys

I won't deny it. People are not as ecstatic when they go buying adult toys as much as when they go shopping. In the past, sex toy shopping used to look more like a CIA undercover thing. 

People would show up to sex products shops with large sunglasses and large hats all in a bid to conceal their identity. Well, that is far in the past. Our world is getting increasingly liberal, where someone no longer has to apologize for their sexual energy or preference.  


You like brunettes, go for it; you like blondes, go for it; you like sex toys, go for it! There is no longer anything disenfranchising or demeaning about buying these toys.

Undoubtedly, sex toy business is not a black market thing anymore. Check around, matured toy shops are littered around with happy shoppers trooping in and out. Who cares you came out of the sex toy shop? You simply went shopping the same as they would shop for their groceries!

Sexual toys are exponentially diffusing into the mainstream, as more people begin to accept and open up to their sexual identities. Guess what? The contemporary sex toy industry is ridiculously large. Yes, it is worth over a mammoth $15 billon. Big money, right?  

Myth 6: Your partner will hate you for suggesting using sex toys

Come on, why should your partner freak out when you talk about bringing matured toys into your love life? I can't scream it loud enough, it is not 1862. It is the 21st century! You may not know it, but sex toys are terribly popular nowadays, with more people using it across several age grades and cultural backgrounds.


Trust me, your partner will not detest you like some dirty freak if you suggest using sex toys together. The factor that majorly determines how your partner responds to the suggestion is how you present it to him or her. This is where open communication is very crucial.

Of course, your partner will be startled a bit (and he or she would be right to) if you just pull a sex toy out of the blue when you guys are making love. To reduce that element of surprise (which could rightly deteriorate into aversion), you should tell your partner about your thoughts on adult toys in a non-sexual environment or setting. This is to get him prepared beforehand.

In conclusion, honesty is critical here. Be open that you savor exploring new adventures with him or her sexually, bringing on something new with these toys. This should be presented in a way that your partner will not feel insecure but rather anticipate the fun the sex toy will bring.