Anuj - Online Marketing Manager

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Hi I am Anuj from India!
It’s been more than 4 Years but still everyday feels like new in SVAKOM.
I got to know about Sex Toys around 4 years ago when my roommate who is still working in SVAKOM took some vibrators for testing. I smirked and asked him if he was going to test these bunch of toys on his girlfriend. He said why not and I just got shocked if they were not satisfied with their sexual life.
Later I came to know that they used it during foreplay before indulging into sexual intercourse. It completely changed my mind that sex toys are not only meant for Single (Status) person but can also be used for couple play to spice up their sex life. Next day he came up with proposal if I would like to join SVAKOM as a Digital Marketing Manager and setup an appointment with Vice President of SVAKOM, who took me to the factory where workers were busy in manufacturing sex toys (from moulding the silicon to finished product with utmost care).
My interview took place there and selected me for the position because I was experienced in promoting adult sites based on Swingers Parties, adult vacation resorts and gay porn sites while working for Indian IT companies. I still had a week to join and during that time I went to Asia Adult Expo 2015 in HongKong with company’s representatives and It was a bit of surprising/shocking moment for me surrounded by Dicks, pussies, and sex dolls. At exhibition, I met with middle aged Indian Businessman who is running leading e-commerce store in India, selling sex toys for men and women. During our conversation he asked me If my family knows that I am working for a sex toy brand? I replied to him if your kids know their father is selling sex toys in India?
It’s an irony that in world’s second largest populated country, selling sex toys falls under Grey areas but access to porn sites are allowed. Just like sales of Sex Toys is allowed in China but porn is banned.
I do have question that if the people in Asian countries have traditional mind where discussion about Sex in public is considered as taboo than why there is such a huge population explosion?
People says it is hard to clear the Indian customs if you carrying sex toys in your bag but that’s not the case with me. I have cleared the custom with Cookie and put it in an Aquarium at my home.
It’s the speciality of some of SVAKOM’s Sex Toys. We can carry them while travelling in most of the countries because the shape of the vibrators are discreet and elegant.
As far as Online promotion is concerned, we do have some restriction while promoting the products online, but in my last 4 years, I have managed to explore more new online platform to promote them without any major hindrance and results we achieved are outstanding but there is still long way to go.