The 42nd and the 68: the two new sexual positions that sweep all over the world

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Surely, you've heard a thousand times the magic number 69。 However, maybe you have no idea that 42 and 68 are also loaded with sexual connotations. In today's post we are going to talk about these two new positions that have recently appeared and are sweeping around the world.


Two postures that are not included in the Kama Sutra
Where to find inspiration? Although it was written two thousand years ago, the Kama Sutra remains the reference book on this subject. In it we can find 64 erotic postures that are very suggestive. However, more than 100 are currently registered, although some of them are very similar because they have evolved from the original ones. Precisely, two positions that do not appear in the sacred book of sex are the ones that are currently attracting attention in Internet forums internationally.



42: the best position to practice oral sex
The 42 is ideal for oral sex and would enter into positions considered a bit selfish. That is, one of the parties assumes the role of giving and the other the role of receiving, although this does not mean that only one person enjoys. 42 is named after the shape that the bodies project when it is being made. He/she, who receives oral sex remains seated in bed or in a chair so that he is comfortable and with his head bowed. We already have our number 4. Let's go for the 2! The one who performs oral sex, on the other hand, is on his/her knees with his/her head directed at his/her partner's adult parts. It is perfect for blowjobs and cunnilingus alike. One of the great advantages of this position is we can look directly into the eyes of our partner while we are having sex, something that increases the inner fire exponentially and allows for more intense orgasms.



68: your best ally for pleasure
Let's talk now about 68, which is a neighbor of the well-known 69 and is also based on oral sex. As in the previous case, there is a passive subject and an active one. The one who performs the action must lie on his back, while the passive part of the couple is placed on top of him, also on his back, letting his back fall on his chest. You got it? Next, the one that is above places his head between the legs of the one of down, flexing the knees to leave the necessary space so that his pair can act with normality. The person below in the 68 posture has perfect access to the genitals and can interact with them both with their hands and with their tongue. The success of this position lies in the enormous freedom of action that it gives against other more conventional positions. It is also true that it requires some practice and a lot of care if the person above weighs more than the one below. In this case, it is best to help yourself with your elbows or forearms to release some of the pressure. Do you think you can include some sex toys or vibrators meanwhile you practice these new positions? Think about it, we highly believe using a finger vibrator, such as NYMPH can help with the foreplay. It is a matter of practice to achieve mastery and we warn you that it is worthwhile and very worthwhile. Not only will you expand the number of postures and you will get out of the routine that sometimes sex induces us, but you will also learn new and stimulating ways to practice oral sex and reach orgasm without the need for penetration.