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In today's post we are going to talk about the boys' favorite SVAKOM toys. What? Do they also use them? Of course! And they have fewer and fewer problems talking openly about them. Believe it or not, we can still find reluctance to name topics such as prostate stimulation and anal sex. If you have not tried any of them before, you will not regret it. We start!




Masturbatory eggs are possibly one of the most famous male toys and the perfect choice for those who are willing to start using sex toys. Its appearance is very discreet, so it will go unnoticed even in decoration. But the real magic awaits inside, because once opened what is found is a soft silicone surface, very flexible and it adapts to any size and thickness of penis.
Do you want to make a spicy gift to a friend? Well, with SVAKOM Hedy it is impossible for you to select a bad present. And in addition, you have three different models to choose from, each with an intricate design that provides different types of pleasure. The ideal is to use them together with lubricants (small bag inside every Hedy), the great ally when it comes to making the most of your toys. You only have to impregnate the egg inside and introduce the penis: you will reach new shares of pleasure unimaginable in your masturbation.




The prostate is located about 5 centimeters from the entrance of the anus, over the bladder. His discovery has given rise to multiple joys to men around the world, although it is still without doubt the male taboo par excellence. Experts say prostate orgasms can be much more intense and lasting than ejaculation.
What is the most common problem then? Well, majority of straight man think using a prostate masturbator impairs virility, which is not true. If you are straight, you will continue to be so after enjoying them, do not have any doubt. So, you know, there are no excuses to enjoy like never before.
The favorite SVAKOM prostate massagers by our Official Testers and customers is VICK.