Love As a Limitless Resource

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The word polyamory has Greek and Latin roots, it literally means "many loves". This word was coined in the early 1990s, when polyamory began to develop as a global social movement. The people who practice it are polyamorous, polyamoric, polyamorous or simply poly.

It is important to emphasize that polyamory and polygamy are NOT the same. The term "polygamy" is used to describe a man married to several women or a woman married to several men. In contrast, polyamory does not place the emphasis on marriage and the possibility of having several lovers is not limited to one of the genders or to a single person within the relationship.

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Those who defend it consider that love does not have to be restricted, because if you love someone you want the best for that person and that includes being able to expand their love and sentimental life. The only condition here is love between people and acceptance of the relationship by all of them.

If you are thinking that it sounds complicated, you are right. Those who decide to lead a polyamorous life are not usually looking for simplicity, but a more fulfilling one -in their own terms- and for poly relationships to work, a lot of awareness, honesty and communication is needed.

From a poly philosophy there does not have to be just one suitable person for you, there may be several, and being attracted to another person does not necessarily mean that there is a problem with the relationship you currently have. It is perfectly natural to feel attraction, affection, or love for several people at the same time. This does not imply you are loving your partner less.

Polyamory is more about love than sex. The sexual component, although it is present in most cases, falls into a second place of relevance, and what takes priority here is intimacy.

Polyamory consists of loving several people at the same time, in a consensual, conscious and ethical way.