Kegels are for everyone

Posted by SVAKOM 11/12/2020 0 Comment(s) Official blog,

Kegel exercises are mostly known to be helpful for people with vulvas after giving birth but that is a complete myth and here, we are going to share information that is going to be very useful for you and not a lot of people is aware of

We want to highlight the fact that this type of exercises were designed to strengthen your pelvic floor -which, by the way, is the group of muscles located in the pelvic are in charge of keeping your organs together and in place- but... why is this important?

  • 1.It helps you with bladder control
  • 2.In people with vulvas, stimulates natural lubrication
  • 3.Increases the quality of your orgasms
  • 4.Increases sexual desire
  • 5.Helps you to have a stronger core
  • 6.In people with vulvas, it assists you in the menopause stage
  • 7.In people with penis, it helps with erectile dysfunction

As you can see here, a lot of benefits from training your pelvic floor are applied to EVERYONE because let’s not forget that we, as human beings, all have a pelvic area and EVERYONE can benefit from exercising this part of our bodies.

Now let’s go to the action!

First you need to identify your pelvic floor muscles and you can do it very easily.Imagine you really need to pee and you need to hold it or imagine that you are actually peeing and you need to cut the flow for a bit... are you doing it right now? yeahhh us too haha now hold for one second and then release... that movement you just did is called “contraction” and the muscles doing the hard work are the ones you need to train.



Now how to properly train?

This is like going to the gym, you need to have a routine and after a little while you will start noticing the progress, you need to be constant and remember that this is quality over quantity so the perfect way to start is to get comfortable (either laying down on your bed or standing up or sitting down, driving...) now let’s repeat this movement or contraction we just did but this time we are going to hold for 3-5 seconds aaaaand release... got it? Ok now you are going to repeat this “longer” contraction for 10 times remember every contraction should last 3-5 seconds and the break between each contraction should last 6-8 seconds...

you are going to repeat this routine once a day for 3 or 4 weeks once you start feeling that you can hold a longer contraction you can increase the frequency and the duration to 4-6 seconds twice a day...

So simple and you can really feel the improvement after a couple of weeks... its always amazing to discover the magical things our bodies are capable of doing and we are happy to use this platform to share this info with you.