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Last Friday, the weather was extremely hot and sticky in Shenzhen which was ironically a good match as we presented Fxxk Taboos Chili Edition to this fascinating city. Baia, in Shekou was our host venue for the evening. Chili Edition mixed with the hot air, yes that’s steamy indeed! Shenzhen is a very special city for us, to see all the old friends this time was such a pleasure. Our lives have all had a lot of changes and we have all seen growth this year, everyone approached me with a big smile and you could just see the confidence and joy on their faces. We also had the opportunity to meet lots of new beautiful faces that appeared at our party, a big thanks and welcome to all of you for attending our Fxxk Taboos party and celebrating with us.

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Baia is an astonishing place in Shekou, Shenzhen. Known as the best Latino bar in town, we’re so happy we could host our party at this sassy space. Making this place sexier and spicier with our Fxxk Taboos Chili Edition. The night started early at 8:45, surprisingly many guests arrived early and ready for partying. Our outside bar was stocked up with delicious options for everyone, from wine to refreshing G&T’s to beer on tap, our guests that felt snackish had the choice of scrumptious hamburgers or hot dogs made outside at our BBQ corner with a choice of toppings! It was busy for us but we all enjoyed it!

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This time round was a little more unique as we invited two of our mischievous and beautiful comedians to present us with some laughter through their own entertainingly sexy experiences. The space was elevated through laughter and X-rated jokes we all needed to hear. “It’s full of surprises! I just had a super long day and I’m already feeling so much more relaxed.” One guest mentioned. This comment assured us that the day’s preparation was a success. But hold on girl, there’s more...


After a brief encounter with the rain our guests were curious as to the next activity when the portable projector was set up. ---- SVAKOM poll time! Our guests were asked to join in on the poll to answer some provocative and personal questions with live results posted to add to the suspense and humor. Answer the spicy questions and start a conversation naturally with the person who’s next to you and let the stories flow! We gave away Siren, our newest intense double-tongued vibrator and Vick, a remote controlled flexible dual motor prostate massaging vibrator, but the gifts did not come easy for the guests who won them. The lucky winners were requested to showcase their flexibility to match that of Vick, which has the ability to rotate at your angle of choice.


The fun continued as we moved on to our banana which has become our signature activity at all of our parties, as well as the lucky draw! Thanks to F45 and SVK for their sponsorship of gifts awarded to the winners. F45 sponsored three gym membership cards for a 1-month pass. SVK sponsored their flagship product Cherily, an eye care beauty device. These gifts were awarded to the guest who could sexily and smoothly swallow their banana as deeply as possible .Congrats to all the winners well done everyone!

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“This is the first time I have attended one of your parties and I will recommend it to all of my friends to come next time they’re in China, it’s so much fun and different to all the other parties we usually go to.” Exclaimed a beautiful girl that ran into me at the booth. I was so happy and proud hearing this. SVAKOM is not just a sex toy company; we produce orgasms, surprises, and happiness. Fxxk Taboos is where we showcase sexual positivity as well as taking charge of your sexual needs and desires to all of our SVAKOM friends. This is only a thought, however, we should be mindful and open to the idea of exploring our sexual needs which most find taboo, I am confident and assured in knowing that our SVAKOM parties allow us to do just that!

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The rain returned yet again, however not as vigorous as earlier, our guests welcomed the tingling sprinkle of the rain whilst consolidating the evening’s activities on the dance floor. Gyrating and releasing sexual energies through dance to Baia’s famous salsa music.


Love yourself, we hope to see you next time very soon!