Female Ejaculation Vs. Squirt

Posted by SVAKOM 13/08/2020 0 Comment(s) Official blog,

Female ejaculation and Squirting are not the same, they come from different mechanisms, and finally, based on the most recent studies, it is becoming better understood because there has always been so much confusion.

The main differences:

Let’s start with

Female ejaculation: (There are academic controversies about whether it should be called that), is produced by the paraurethral glands that make up the female prostate, until 2008 they were known as Skene's glands, but the name is the least important matter here I guess, this gland is in the G-zone and with the “Come to me” technique to stimulate it (you know, using one of two fingers facing up and making the universal sign when you are trying to ask someone to come closer to where you are). It is a milky-looking secretion and, according to some theories, it should not exceed 15 CC (double the average of male ejaculation) but, according to new studies, it could expel up to 30 cc in each emission. According to some academics, all women could have female ejaculation, but Milan Zaviacic -the renown Slovak scientist who discovered the female prostate- reports that it develops in only 90% of vulva-bearing people.

Squirt: It is the expulsion of bladder fluid through the urethra during sexual stimulation, it is basically diluted urine, and may contain small amounts of female ejaculation, we must clarify that, because its composition, it usually contains a specific prostate antigen that was supposed to be exclusive to female ejaculation however, it is not the same since it has a very different general composition and also, it is released from different body mechanisms. It may or may not present itself during orgasm and, unlike the unrealistic porn version of it, squirting is not a fountain nor a waterjet but more like an uncontrollable flow of liquid running down your thighs which can be shocking at the beginning but, trust me, it is AMAZING!

It is, apparently, not necessary to reach orgasm to produce both physiological phenomena as previously believed, but what must necessarily exist is sexual desire and sexual arousal, obviously an orgasm will enhance its production and the overall experience. Both phenomena can coincide in time more often than you know... you will definitely feel them happening and if they don’t there’s no need to worry, the more you tense your body and focus on the climax you won’t be able to enjoy the whole process and that stress will reduce the chances of achieving your ultimate goal. The key here is to enjoy, don’t overthink and let it flow.