A Guide on How to Use a Vibrator with Your Partner to Enjoy Safe and Thrilling Sex

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It is worth introducing vibrators to your sex life as a couple. Vibrators, if appropriately used, can up the pleasure and your intimacy levels.

When you bring creativity into the scene, you see that there is a whole lot of shared pleasure that vibrators can give you and your partner, lavishing you guys with safe and thrilling sex.

Well, the vibrator is a wonder for its capacity to give you thrilling sensations consistently. This is the assured path to that absorbing orgasm. More than this traditional need, however, vibrators have been found to increase sexual arousal and stronger orgasm between couples.

While it is customary to think that vibrators are going to scare your partner off, studies have revealed that vibrators, when used with your male partners, amplify their sexual desire, enhance their erectile function, and, overall, lead to more satisfying orgasms.

The truth is, there is no shame in adding a vibrator to your bedroom toolbox for couple sex. Certainly, we have spoken to so many women. In as much as they would love to use vibrators with their partners to up the erotic ante, some are worried that your partners may feel threatened. Another category fears that their partners may interpret them as being overtly sexually adventurous.

If you were going to ask me, there isn't any need to apologize for your sexuality in the first place. Do you know where people get it wrong when introducing vibrators with their partners? It is communication.

Your partner is going to be put off or excited about using a vibrator, depending on how you approach him. How about we learn about this?


How do you tell your partner you want to add a vibrator?


To effectively transmit this message to your partner, you need to be absolutely honest with him and yes, empathetic. Don't just bring the sex toy out as a surprise when you guys are having sex and suggest adding the vibrator immediately to the fray. He could be overwhelmed and get turned off.

The ideal place to bring up the conversation is outside the bedroom. Bring up the idea of adding a vibrator to your shared sexual experience in a way to make it sound like an adventure, a sexual exploration you would want to try out.

You could be like, "babe, our sex life has been amazing, you know, but I was thinking if we could try to spice things up with a vibrator".

So here is the tactic in the way you have put it out in two ways.


First, you have let him know that you are not essentially dissatisfied


Basically, the idea of a vibrator could connote that your partner is not living up to expectations on the bed. People are like "if he is that fantastic, why use a vibrator?" Using a vibrator doesn't mean your partner is sexually inadequate; it is just a unique thirst for diversity and bringing on a new experience.

I wouldn't try to deny it. Most of us get bored with conventional sex so easily. You know, repeating the same sex positions over time, yeah, it gets redundant, right?

This is why the spice of variety is crucial to maintaining the tempo. You want to be excited to have sex. You want to look forward and savor something new!

Here is why a vibrator is coming in, not because your partner is doing a miserable job. This is how you should portray it to your partner. Let them know you just want to rejig things; that you want to add an adventurous flavor to your shared sex life. If presented the right way, he is going to get excited about it as well.


Secondly, you have let him know that you are not replacing him


The thought of you getting more enchanted with your vibrator than with your partner is enough to give him jitters. This is why it is essential to remind your partner that the vibrator is an addition, not a direct replacement.

Over time, your partner would come to accept using a vibrator in your sex sessions without feeling threatened. Why? First is the fact that humans can't compete with machines. Also, if the vibrator was that superior to him, you wouldn't need to suggest adding it to your sex sessions with him. You could simply stay away and give yourself a fantastic treat with the vibrator.

This way, he knows the introduction of a vibrator by no way threatens his sexual relevance in the relationship. After successfully getting your vibrator to agree to use a vibrator with you, the bigger question now is how do you use it so that both of you can enjoy a tantalizing sexual session?


How to use the vibrator with your partner


Here, we will furnish you with some crucial tips and best practices to ensure that you and your partner enjoy the maximum of your sex sessions where the vibrator is on board.


Make sure to engage with him while using the vibrator


This is where many people get it wrong when using a vibrator with your partner. A vibrator like the SVAKOM Cici can easily drown you with pleasure, especially considering it has 6 thrilling vibration modes to pick from. But you must try not to be isolated from your partner in the waves of pleasure when the vibrator starts titillating your sensitive parts.


Since you are with your partner, it is important to connect with him even as you feel the overwhelming effects of the vibrator – don't just zoom off to your private cloud 9. This is because the essence of using the vibrator with him in the first place is to carry him along, and him a larger participatory share in the exercise.

Acting like he wasn't there could hurt him and even reinforce the fears that the vibrator is replacing him. So how do you engage with your partner while using the vibrator?

You can touch him and gently caress him. If he is comfortable with it, you can talk dirty with him as this could spur him on and keep him massively involved like "stick it into mommy, boy".

The most important part of it is to maintain eye contact with them. Share every sensation with them. Don't be shy.


Show your partner how to use the vibrator with you


To use the vibrator with your partner, he has to be good with it, right? This is why a preliminary education on how to handle the vibrator is crucial. You can let your partner know how he can manage and operate the vibrator setting.

A vibrator like the SVAKOM Alice is so easy to use. All your partner needs to do is to press the UP button to enhance the vibration, down to reduce the vibration, and click "S" to enter the S mode.


If you can, you can give your partner an introductory show by masturbating in their presence with the vibrator. Otherwise, you could put the vibrator in their hand and guide it into you, using it via his hands the way you like it. So they can learn it themselves.

Of course, when they start to operate it on you independently, you should give them feedback. You can direct with words like "please move your hand a bit faster" and "oh, just like that".


You could use it on your partner as well


Obviously, you can use the vibrator on your partner too. This goes a long way in giving them a personal feel of the pleasures a vibrator presents. For example, if you had a male partner, you could romantically caress his balls and stimulate them with your other hand or mouth.

It is important to dress the vibrator with a condom if you guys are not yet fluid-bonded. Now when you want to use it on you, you could go for a fresh condom. You shouldn't go back and forth between your bare bodies.


Some lovely sex positions to enjoy your vibrator with your couple


You can try out mutual pleasure


Mutual pleasure here involves using the vibrator on yourself while giving your partner head simultaneously. You could leverage amazing bullet vibrators like the remote-controlled SVAKOM Elva during sexual intercourse.



A sex position like doggy is excellent to make the clit more reachable for vibratory activity. There is the option of using vibrating cock rings to stimulate your G-spot while enhancing your man's erection via constricting his shaft region.


You can try out shower sex


You can enjoy amazing sessions in the shower if you have a waterproof vibrator like the SVAKOM Iris. Such submersible vibrators can be maximized by bending over (in the form of kneeling to the wall) with you're the shower directed at your back, flowing down your genitals.

In this position, commonly referred to as the Derriere Delight, your partner can penetrate you with the vibrator while supporting your hips from behind.


He can up the rhythm by teasing you with the vibrator from your inner thigh up to your anus, without sliding it in. This is all aimed at flirting with you and arousing you by the stimulation of your sensitive nerve endings.

This brings us to the end of the guide on using a vibrator to enjoy thrilling sex with your partner. We hope you have learned sufficiently how to introduce a vibrator into your sexual activity with your partner without pissing him/her off. In all, we anticipate that thrilling orgasm you will have when you put all these tips to use in your next session with your partner using a vibrator.