Crymaxing is totally a thing

Posted by SVAKOM 23/07/2020 0 Comment(s) Official blog,

A sexual encounter is, not only charged with a lot of interaction in the physical plane, our emotions also come to play and climaxing, is a release of emotions too.

Sexual Dysphoria, or how we like to call it, CRYMAXING (by mixing the words crying + climaxing... duhh!) is experienced by, at least 1 in 2 persons once in their life so it’s totally a thing and we are here for it.

So, let's take a closer look:

At a chemical level, an orgasm releases substance like oxytocin and dopamine into our system, hormones directly related to emotions such as the connection of a hug, love or even pain.

By having an orgasm, this cocktail of hormones, can become the perfect excuse to vent and let out everything you are holding back.

Or HELL! simply for pleasure, the revolution our bodies are experiencing are excuse enough to let ourselves let some tears escape.

What about love and connection? That is also a very valid reason to crymax, right?... RIGHT?

No matter the reason or the combination of them... you go and cry with pleasure!


The possibility of feeling pleasure and connecting with yourself or someone else, can move you to the core and can get you too excited. What a beautiful reason to cry don’t you think?

We all like happy endings anyway!

We really recommend you to express yourself in the best way you know how and let your body unbottle all of those emotions that can and should be triggered by the beautiful experience a sexual encounter is, discuss it with your partner at that moment or in the future if you feel like it and we guarantee you that the liberation you’ll experience is going to be almost as good as crymaxing itself.

We are completely aware that there might be some situations where you don’t feel like this should happen or maybe you have a specific concern while experiencing this, then and there we recommend you to pay a visit to an expert.

If you believe that crying can be related to feeling of guilt or extreme sadness due to a trauma, if you are not enjoying sex at all or if it’s really painful; there are a lot of professionals out there who can guide you and you definitely should try with someone who makes you feel comfortable, you can check a psychologist with a specialty in sexuality, a sexologist, a sexual therapist, etc. Again, lots of options and tons of advice for you to understand yourself better.

So now you know, don't feel like a weirdo when it happens, it's much more normal than you think and it's best to let it flow and let go.