COVID19 - Recommendations from our China office

Posted by SVAKOM 17/03/2020 0 Comment(s)

Hey there you guys, we are very aware on how the global affair is affecting all of us and, we have to admit, it is pretty terrifying! No matter where you are or how healthy you are, we want you all to stay safe, stay put and pay close attention to some of the following ideas based, mainly, on the experience of our teammates in China who lived the first hit of the spreading disease and the recommendations of, both, government and health authorities.


That’s why, this time we want to dedicate this space to give you some advice and recommendations based on what we learned from our constant communication with our Chinese team.



  • ● Wear your mask... sure, it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world but it guarantees that a lot of the biggest particles, bacteria and virus molecules will stay away from your respiratory system. It doesn’t mean that this is the only measure you should take and, please, don’t consider this as a solution. If there are few masks available around you, do not panic, do not get them all; think first of all the people who absolutely need them because, maybe, their lives depend on them.
  • ● Since there are some materials or surfaces more likely to contain the virus longer than others we suggest, and we cannot stress this enough, wash your hands constantly, find the beauty on this, sing the chorus of a song while you do it, make this habit part of your survival kit and make sure others do it too. For extra care, use alcohol based hand sanitizer and don’t hug, kiss or touch other people... Keep your hands to yourself. 
  • ● Have you ever stop to think how many times you touch your face every day? And, how many times have you touched something sketchy right before doing it? Gross!!! Do not touch your face or at least try to avoid it. Your eyes, mouth and nose are very susceptible to absorb viruses and bacteria, sending them straight to the rest of your body and you definitely don’t want that to happen.  
  • ● If you have absolutely nothing to do outside, then don’t go out, this is a very serious matter and, being exposed to so many sources of contagion will affect, not only you, but everyone who interacts with you (If you carry the virus, you can easily affect, in average, 14 people) Try your best to stay away from crowds and ask yourself if you REALLY need to go to the bar tonight, or to the mall, brunch, coffee, date? Ok don’t waste your time thinking about this, the answer is “No” anyway.
  • ● Keep your house, apartment, hotel room, car, etc. ventilated... Air flow will move particles around instead of letting them sit comfortably on your couch, your bed or anywhere near you. In addition, try to stay busy and look up some exercises you can do: besides keeping you healthy, this will increase your endorphins, boosting your immune system and, also, keeping your head clear and with a positive attitude.  
  • ● High temperatures seem to scare the virus away so let’s all move to Timbuktu lol, jk people, I just told you to stay home!!... In all seriousness, if the weather outside is not helping your case, what you can absolutely do is to drink hot liquids that will keep you hydrated, will cleanse your body and boost your immune system by keeping it busy and, therefore, reinforced. Pro Tip: if you add Vitamin C and you make sure that all your meals are cooked thoroughly you are decreasing your chances of contagion.
  • ● Priorities in order: We are not saying that the younger you are the less likely to get infected, we are all at risk, but let’s think first of the most vulnerable groups, older people, patients with previous pathologies, respiratory and/or cardiac issues and patients with other chronic health issues are at greater risk and we need to be cautious. Let’s clear the emergency rooms so we can leave space for people with real emergencies. We suggest to keep track of your body temperature and if you, detect a rapid increase or other symptoms related to the disease, contact medical authorities via phone or, even, social media. Right now 24/7 lines are being stablished all over the world so you can get assistance, if needed, without having to leave your house.
  • ● Let’s respect medics and other health authorities, they are working under a lot of stress, they are also at risk and, most importantly, they are constantly receiving information on how to deal with this pandemic, they are trained and know protocols that are designed to assist and treat as many cases as they possibly can. They also want this to be over soon and we need to let them work on that.
  • ● DO NOT PANICK! We understand the severity of this issue but we also want everyone to be safe, that’s why we encourage you to be smart and act consciously for your sake and others’. Toilet paper won’t do anything for you, really. Don’t follow theories and be selective about your sources of information, there are so many options for you to be properly informed and your friends’ whatsapp group is not one of those (Unless you have a group with medical specialists or some other form of health authorities).
  • ● Last but not least; be smart and safe, if you are worried about your friends and family ask them to be constantly in touch with you, let’s use technology in our favor! We have so many options to feel close to our loved ones without having to, actually, be there next to them.


We are no experts but, if you want us to give you some advice, support or suggestions we will be more than happy to do so.


From SVAKOM with love.