Complete Guide to Using Kegel Balls

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Kegel balls have been around for a long time now. Since hundreds of years ago, Kegel balls have found use in strengthening the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. The small balls come in varying sizes and weights, basically aimed at achieving vaginal relaxation.

  Kegels are also commonly referred to as jiggle balls, orgasm balls, venus balls, and geisha balls. All these names are derived from the fact that Kegel balls have been increasingly employed for the enhancement of sexual pleasure. This is aside from their traditional pelvic floor strengthening role. 

    The surge in the application of Kegel balls for sexual pleasure in contemporary culture isn't entirely out of place. Blockbuster Hollywood moves like 50 Shades were instrumental in propagating the adoption of Kegel balls for sexual entertainment. In these movies, Kegel balls were excitedly used in lovemaking by couples.

  Nonetheless, Kegel balls are not as popular as other conventional sex toys like dildos and vibrators. The chances are high that you have a Kegel ball but are uncertain of how to use them. It is also possible that you could be curious if Kegel balls have associated health risks.  

  In this definitive guide to using Kegel balls, we are going to thoroughly explore all you need to know about Kegel balls and how to use them.


Who should be careful with Kegel balls?


  Before we go on, extra caution is required for specific categories of individuals who desire to use Kegel balls. Consequently, if you have just given birth and recovering from childbirth, it is advisable to see a doctor first about using Kegel balls. 

  Also, we advise you to consult a doctor first before you use Kegel balls if you have a prevailing pelvic infection or are experiencing some form of pelvic pain. It is important to see a doctor before adopting Kegel balls for women using an intrauterine device, menstrual cup, or those who have just had a gynecological surgery.  

   Great, having stipulated this exempt class of users, let us move on how you can prepare Kegel balls for enjoyable use.


How can you prepare Kegel balls?

  After procuring your Kegel balls, here are the next steps to follow. For hygienic reasons, we always recommend you fundamentally wash your hand using antibacterial soap. The Kegel balls must be clean before inserting them. Therefore, you should clean them with antibacterial soap, preferably with clean water.

After that, dry your Kegel balls off with a neat towel. Now, since we need minimal exertion when inserting the Kegel balls, you should get them sufficiently lubed. A water-based lube like the SVAKOM water base ph balance cool lube can get the job perfectly done.





How do you insert your Kegel balls?


So we have done an excellent job preparing the Kegel ball. The next step is how you would insert it. It is understandable that you would be frenetic at this point, but relax, we will thoroughly put you through the procedures you need to follow to make the exercise as safe as enjoyable.

    So you have got your lube after preparing your Kegel ball. Apply a generous quantity of this lube to your vaginal opening. This will also reduce any discomfort resulting from the insertion of the Kegel ball.

  Having lubed yourself, you need to find a comfortable pose. We recommend lying down in the spread eagle position so that the Kegel ball can glide in. Indeed, the design of the Kegel ball also matters. A Kegel ball like the SVAKOM Nova is thoroughly covered with soft silicone, which is admirably body safe.




Having taken your posture, gradually get the Kegel ball in. We advise that you start the ball side first. Considering that a small piece of plastic (or string) basically connects the Kegel balls together, you have to get the string into your vagina as well. When the string gets tucked in, you can gradually start getting the second ball in.

  Relax, there is no hard and fast rule on the depth of insertion. Your comfort is the primary determining factor here. You should push in the Kegel balls only as far as you are comfy. Once you start feeling significant pain or discomfort, stop at once. After all, isn't it all about in the first place?  

  If the Kegel ball is designed with a removal string (or loop as the case may be), it should hang on the exterior of your vagina. You mustn't get this loop inside your vagina as well with the balls.

  Having gotten the balls inside, constrict your pelvic floor muscles to ensure the Kegel balls are sustainably held inside you. Ideally, the Kegel balls should be securely stationed inside the vaginal canal. Should you feel them popping outside, feel free to press them back into your vagina. 

    In some designs of Kegel balls, you don't have to push the balls back in intermittently. The SVAKOM Nova, for example, has a gravity-optimized design where the subtle vibration of the Kegel balls stimulates your pubococcygeal (PC) muscles to shrink, which prevents the ball from falling out.

  The truth is, the consequent sensation (of the balls inside the vagina) varies across individuals. In most cases, the feeling tends to be a tingly sensation that is reasonably subtle. When you start moving, say you bend, walk around, or reach up, the sensation (of the Kegel ball inside you) revs up. 

    After becoming acquainted with connected Kegel balls, you may want to step up by investing in san strings (which are individual Kegel balls). The insertion process of san strings is the same as connected Kegel balls. 

    People regularly ask us what they can use their Kegel balls for when they are already in. Well, let us tell you.


What can you do with your Kegel balls once inside?


    The fun of using Kegel balls is even further amplified by the diversity of exercises and adventures you can embark on with it. Well, this is essentially determined by the purpose of you using these balls in the first place.

  If you are among the category of those that want to strengthen their pelvic floors, we will recommend specific exercises for you (with the Kegel balls inside you) that will tone the specific muscles concerned. Indeed, if you are necessarily using it for sexual pleasure, you don't need much of those exercises.


Let us start with those using Kegel balls for sexual pleasure

  It is important to point out that you can't use Kegel balls (for sexual excitation) the usual way you use other traditional sex toys like vibrators. Yes, you may move in and out, like the typical penetration style of dildos, but to enjoy the peak sexual thrill (in terms of intensity), you should leave the Kegel balls inside you. 




Are you thinking about some amazing solo-play ideas for Kegel balls? We are here for you!

  Start by lying on the bed, now insert the Kegel balls into your vagina. After insertion, start squeezing your pelvic muscles. You will feel an intense sexual excitation with increasing arousal.

  You can even step the pleasure up by bringing in your vibrator. As you squeeze your pelvic muscle, rub your vibrator around your vaginal orifice, focusing more on your clitoris. A vibrator like the SVAKOM Bonnie with its flexible double head can send you to cloud nine pleasurably when you combine its double g-spot and clitoris titillation with your Kegel balls.



What if you want to use Kegel balls with your partner?


Yes, it is possible to use Kegel balls for partner play. You can deploy your Kegel ball to ramp up the pleasure you feel from vaginal sex. Kegel balls can enhance the sensitivity, generally increasing the arousal between you and your partner.

  Here is an idea. If you and your partner are going out on a date (with a possibility of sexual intercourse when you return from), insert your Kegel balls inside your vagina before you step out. While you guys are outdoors, the inserted Kegel balls will increasingly arouse you, getting you more engrossed in a sex mood.  

  If you don't fancy wearing it before stepping out, you can insert the Kegel ball inside during foreplay. In the case where the foreplay is appreciably durable, the Kegel ball will intensively arouse you. 

  Before your partner penetrates you with his penis (or a sex toy), you should pull out the Kegel balls. We highly discourage inserting Kegel balls in your anus. Resist the urge for that adventure as things could get pretty uncomfortable for you.


For those using Kegel balls for pelvic exercise

  For those using Kegel balls for enhancing their pelvic floor muscles, the procedure is different. Weighted Kegel balls are preferable for this. This is how to get it done.

  First, as usual, lube the Kegel balls up. Lying on your back, insert the Kegel balls into your vagina. Next, you have to constrict your pelvic floor, lifting and squeezing the Kegel balls. We recommend that you contract your muscles (with the ball inside) for about 5-7 seconds. After that, you can relax for about 6 seconds.  

  You can repeat this regimen consecutively up to 5 times. This will make up one set. For maximum results, we advise that you do up to three sets (as instructed) within 24 hours. 

  These three sets don't need to be all done at once. You can space them to ensure you are comfortable doing them. Now that we are done using the Kegel balls, how do we remove them?

Removing your Kegel balls

  So here is the deal. There is no definitive length of time for your Kegel balls to stay inside you. A lot of factors determine how long you should keep them in. Dominant among these factors are the design of your Kegel balls and your metabolic process (in terms of how your body reacts to the Kegel ball).

  Generally, we will tell you to keep your Kegel ball inside you for six hours. To be more specific and assured, you can ask your doctor after he checks you up.

  The way you remove your Kegel ball majorly depends on the design of the Kegel ball. You can't remove separated Kegel balls the same way you would remove Kegel balls with removal strings.

  In the case you are using separated balls, you need to take an at-ease pose, with your feet reasonably apart. Precisely, the distance between your feet should be greater than the distance between your hips. Next, lower your upper trunk, bending your knees into a typical squat. Ensure you are comfortable in this pose.

  Consequently, push the Kegel balls out by squeezing your vaginal muscles. This is the same way you take your tampon out. Indeed, your Kegel balls may not always come out that way. If this happens, you may need to add more quantity of lube to your vaginal orifice.

  Staying calm, squeeze more to get them out. In some cases, you may need to work your vaginal muscles up to enhance the removal. If so, you can resort to moving around, jumping up and down, or even coughing to enhance the contraction and release of vaginal muscles. This should get it out if you squeeze adequately.

  Should you be using Kegel balls with loops, you have to remove them differently. First, you have to take a comfortable position, preferably lying on your back. Now, lube up your vaginal hole.

  Once generously lubed up, get your hands on the loop (or removal string) and gently pull the Kegel balls until it wholly slides out. We can say it enough; avoid using excessive force in speedily pulling out the Kegel ball. This could even lead to injuries to your delicate vaginal muscles.

  Wow, here we are with an explicit guide on how you use Kegel balls. We have sufficiently learned how you can give yourself an epic experience either for sexual excitement or for exercising your pelvic muscles. 

  Keep an eye out for more content on how to choose the perfect Kegel ball for your specific scenario. Didn't you enjoy yourself exploring this guide?