COCO’s magical touch

Posted by SVAKOM 18/04/2020 0 Comment(s) Official blog,

Have you ever tried a sex toy before? Do you think one toy is not going to be good enough to enhance your solo/couple experience?... Keep reading and you can find out what new users, and experienced ones, think about this one right here.


Today we want to let you dive into COCO’s seductive ways... the toy that became a bestseller in its category so effortlessly because of its ultra-soft texture and the perfect combination between vibrations and rhythm that make this beauty, a force to be reckon with.


COCO is a multifunctional toy that we often recommend to those who are new to toys and experiencing with new levels of pleasure, however, the flexible head and the simple, yet, elegant design invites you to get creative and seduces everyone with its mighty touch... even the most experienced ones out there.


With a total of 6 different modes and 5 vibrations the combinations are endless and, the 4 hours of non-stop play power, prolong the pleasure and leave you with the delicious task of explore those options, solo or with a little help, and reach new heights.


“I love how this is not just a stick that vibrates, it has this slightly tilted and super smooth head that, despite its sturdiness, is super flexible so it goes wherever I want it to go and OMG, the joy!!!!... when I’m with bae I love to use it to play with my clit a little while he is inside and I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a game changer this is... I just can’t stop laughing when I remember how mad he was when I got it and he thought this was going to replace him hahaha if anything, this little “extra finger” makes everything 10000000+ times better” -Alice, 27.


For some, COCO is the perfect clitoral stimulator, for others, this baby reaches the G spot like a pro and for the rest, the length and size of COCO is a tailor made P-spot massager. YES, it’s perfect for anal stimulation! If you can’t believe it, go ask sex coach Ubal Araque (@ubalaraque on IG) who swears by it.


So now you know, COCO is the perfect little good toy to fall in love with, it’s going to make you happy, it never gets tired and it has the perfect size to take with you anywhere.


Go for it, try it and let us know... you are more than welcome to share your experiences with us.