If I suffer from vaginismus can I use a sex toy?

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Vaginismus is the difficulty or impossibility of introducing anything into the vagina due to the involuntary contraction of the muscles that surround the vaginal cavity. The symptomatology that it produces is, therefore, of a resistance to penetration in general (remember that "penetration" is not a term derived from "penis") that manifests itself in a variable way but usually presents with pain, irritating itching and various local discomforts, as well as variable and wide manifestations of anxiety (at the moment or usually anticipatory). Naturally, there are various degrees in the condition depending on the resistance manifested by the vagina, the intensity of the symptoms and the frequency of circumstances with which it occurs.

Despite being an involuntary spasm, vaginismus can be selective and, although it is sometimes generated under any circumstance in which it is intended to introduce something into the vaginal cavity (for example, the introduction of a tampon, a gynecological inspection or a vaginal intercourse), other times it allows one but not the other. Sometimes, it is a purely mechanical, organic, anatomical or pathological difficulty (endometriosis, urine infections, lack of lubrication, tumors or genitally transmitted diseases, normally) that are detectable, diagnosable and treatable by a gynecology professional, but others, the majority, it is a blockage of exclusively psychological origin, of a phobic rejection that can have many causes and origins in the biography of the patient but that directly connects with difficulties in the process and development of sexuality.


After what has been said, it will be understood that erotic toys that allow sexual intercourse to be represented are not usually well received by women suffering from vaginismus. Phallic prostheses, "G-spot" stimulators and other technological instruments that require being inserted into the vagina for their use, usually produce and sometimes increase the reactive rejection action, especially if the woman suffering from vaginismus ventures with them without therapeutic attention. However, as a therapeutic tool in the hands of a professional who knows the multiple and diverse alternatives offered by the market and who knows how to handle the variability in sizes, thicknesses and intensities of these devices, it can be progressively and gradually very useful , and not for the purpose of procuring masturbatory joy for the patient but for her body to adapt to a situation.


Finally, remember that vaginismus has a cure, and although it is a process of re-adaptation of the body that requires effort on the part of the patient, some time and talent on the part of the therapist, the therapeutic efficacy in solving the difficulty it is extraordinarily high.


By Valerie Tasso (@ValerieTasso)