Best vibrating love egg I have ever used

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Making love or having sex was never enough for me and I always kept searching for the best sex toy to please me in my alone time. Something that will rock my world more than any guy and let me control my orgasms and stimulations down there. Something that Clitoris would absolutely love and something that I'll never be giving up.


After trying tons of sex toys, I came across one called the love egg and how it fulfilled my adventurous fantasies with myself is indescribable! As a woman, I can guarantee it to be the best of the sex toys any woman could have. But, just like we do with clothes, we don't buy anything until we're satisfied it's the best in the market. Again, I was searching for the best vibrating love eggs available. After coming across a variety of them, be it color, feature or something else, I got something that stood out among all of them. It had everything that a woman needs down there and knows exactly how to please a lady! It was the SVAKOM'S Elva Remote-Controlled Wearable Intelligent Vibrating Bullet Egg which rocked my world!


Even though there are numerous features that helps to please a woman in this product, I am going to list the ones that'll ensure that you buy this product. Here are some of the features of this amazing vibrating love egg:

  1. Intensity as you enjoy

No product will ever offer you the advantage of 26 frequency or intensity levels to choose from as per your convenience but this product surely does! This product lets a lady enjoy the variety of stimulations down there on her clitoris and make her night.

  1. The vibration that will rock your Clitoris

Some ladies like it crazy and wild down there! The strong vibration that will rock her clitoris with the sensations and make her come as nothing else could. This product is absolutely suitable for such ladies because- it's pretty strong to handle for many!

  1. Waterproof

All the ladies out there are a bit more conscious when it comes to using something for their vagina. They need to ensure that it is properly clean and neat before they put it in. Well, this product is waterproof and that means you could easily wash it properly to make sure it's clean as much as you want.

  1. An intelligent product

Did I mention that this product is suitable even when with your partner? You absolutely can! It comes with a remote control that your partner can control and give you an element of surprise whenever you're getting comfortable with a particular intensity level.

  1. Peaceful and pleasurable

Do you hate it how most of the vibrators make that noise? Does it mess with your orgasm? This vibrating love egg is nothing like them and has a quiet vibration monitor that will please you peacefully. Be ready to get an amazing vibrating love egg and prepare a night with yourself!

  1. Control in your hands

When I said that your partners could control the product's intensity, did you wonder how great would it be to control it yourself? You can get the remote in hand and explore the world down there with different levels of sensations and the stimulations while your clitoris has its time.


So, could you imagine that any sex toy could be as wonderful as this amazing vibrating cock ring? If you've not ordered it yet, order it today and experience what I've got. You will see a better sex life and better orgasms ahead. Get yourself this product today!