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With the increasing lockdown of societies amidst the Covid-19 nightmare, we are spending more than in isolation. There are no more of those sweet beach times, beautiful parties, and park experiences.

How can you get the lost fun back?

Netflix all day? Nah, that wouldn’t do. Netflix is just a treat for the eyes, but what  about your genitals? You are not going to forget to treat them as well, would you?

Sex toys are just perfect for getting the party rocking on – privately. Equipped with the ideal sex toy, you are not going to be missing a second of the typical outdoor life. 

How would you when you can still enjoy those explosive orgasms just anytime you need it?

Agreed, buying your first toy can be quite a tricky experience. You walk into a sex toy shop or land on a sex toy website, and you are overwhelmed with the multitudes of sex toys all screaming to send you to an erotic paradise. 

Yes, you are right to be apprehensive.

Many factors should be considered when buying sex toys. What sort of stimulation are you yearning for? What are the best materials for your budget? Should you go for a battery-operated sex toy or a rechargeable?

You need to answer these questions to arrive at the choicest sex toy that is best for your situation. How about we explore these considerations first?


Which material is befitting for you?


Your sex toy will always contact your genitals, won’t it? That is why you need them to be body-safe. We have seen that jelly materials while being affordable, can be quite harmful. 

Such propensity to harm arises from their relatively porous nature, which makes cleaning them challenging.

When you can’t clean them properly, they would become a “ghetto” of bacteria. And what happens when you insert such bacteria-lavished sex toy into you? TROUBLE!

Jelly also contains phthalates, which are dangerous chemicals. Preferably, you should go for sex toys made from glass and silicone.

They are super easy to clean, they are non-porous, and more importantly, they will rock your genitals with that feel-good factor.

Ah, you like that, don’t you?

Another thing to point out is that such glass sex toys can be safely used with water-based, oil, and even silicone-based lubricants.



Should you go for rechargeable sex toys or battery operated?


Let us begin this by fundamentally stating that both battery-operated sex toys and rechargeable sex toys are amazing. 

They both have their respective selling points and downsides. It all depends on which best suits your situation.

If you are keener on something more environmentally friendly, you may want to go with rechargeable sex toys. These sex toys can be charged, even with your computer. 

However, we will admit that rechargeable sex toys are sort of more expensive. This can be a handicap if you are on a small budget.

Battery-operated sex toys aren’t any less potent than their rechargeable counterparts. Yeah, they are far more affordable if you are only considering the one-off cost price. However, you may need to be buying batteries regularly. This may not be funny!


Should you go for quality or quantity?


I will tell you. I am regularly asked by newbie sex toy users what they should prioritize between quantity and quality. You are right; many manufacturers focus on turning out premium sex toys (on a limited scale) but at a higher price.

Some do the opposite, churning out more significant numbers at a lesser cost but also for lesser quality. If I would advise you, I will tell you to focus on quality. It is not worth spending $25 on a sex toy and not enjoying it (or the sex toy not lasting long enough).

 If you would have to pay above $50 for a top-drawer sex toy, go for it. Most times, the experience is worth the sacrifice.


How private do you want your sex toy to be?


We all love discreet sex toys. You don’t want to carry a loudspeaker about that gets every staring embarrassingly at you like you wore just g-strings to church!

If you are going for a vibrator, the motor should be relatively silent. Personal massagers are portable and are not phallic. That means you can leave them in the open without worrying about being found out.


Best sex toys you can get as you stay at home


Having laid down this foundation, let us examine some of the best sex toys you can get today to make staying at home a helluva fun! The sex toys we will explore perfectly combine quality, functionality, longevity, and yes, affordability.

Are you aching to find out which? Let’s go!



1. SVAKOM ELMER Vibrating Bullet




The SVAKOM Elmer is one of the best vaginal vibrating bullets you can gift yourself as you stay at home. This vibrating bullet comes with 26 different frequency experiences.

It doesn’t end there. The SVAKOM Elmer is furnished with 5 different intensity levels. This is a guarantee of your cumming to the fullest.

The SVAKOM Elmer is easy to use; it is designed with a string at its top. This makes it easier to get the vibrating bullet off after you are done giving yourself the best time with it.

It comes with a rechargeable battery. This is actually a 200Mah lithium battery that gives you 2 hours of uninterrupted pleasure when it is fully charged.

Would you be thrilled to learn that the SVAKOM Elmer is remote controlled?

Yeah, it is. The SVAKOM Elmer leverages revolutionary technology, being furnished with an antenna. This enables to pick up signals from the remote control efficiently.

Relax, the Elmer is not one of those loud-metal-music vibrators you have been plagued with. The Elmer is amazingly whisper-quiet. By tapping into its premium motors, it sends you pleasurably to the moon, without waking up the whole yard.

Do you know the best part?

Beyond a distance of a meter, you don’t hear anything when the SVAKOM Elmer is doing its thing to your vagina. The SVAKOM Elmer has a sound capacity below 50 dB.

How about the dimensions?

The SVAKOM is portable, with a length of 80mm and a diameter of 32mm. This means you won’t have any problem taking it about as you go out – say to get your groceries while you stay at home.

The SVAKOM Elmer is a perfect fit for those who are just trying out vibrators for the first time. It is also cool for those who prefer smaller vibrators.


2. SVAKOM Julie Prostate Massager



The design of any sex toy is the most crucial part of it. That is why the SVAKOM Julie, with its ergonomic design, is an undisputed winner, promising you the best time in your isolation.

Yes, the SVAKOM Julie comes with a slim wrist elliptical design. The body has a streamlined design, with it getting slimmer towards the bottom. This enhances the sensation of intimacy, giving you that epic sucking feeling.

The SVAKOM Julie has a diameter of 28mm. The design goes from thick to thin in a wonderful oval arc.

How does this make your world juicier?

The SVAKOM’s oval arc design ensures the massager can nest conveniently in your anus or vagina. This is your precious escape from those massagers that stretch you painfully. Too bad, eh?

The flexibility is another standout feature of this baby. The SVAKOM Julie is ultra-flexible and can perform a 180-degree bend. It also has a 30-degree curved body that gives you superlative stimulation for both the p-spot and g-spot.

No doubt, the majority of the straight-lined body vibrators can’t live close to this feeling. Its 42mm wide bottom ensures it fits perfectly into the groove outside your anus without anyone noticing it. 

This is your own private heaven, isn’t it?

The remote control feature of the SVAKOM Julie works as far as 5 meters. Take note, that it yet works excellently without the remote control.





Lelo Soraya 2 is another vibrator worth mentioning. Yeah, it has a good texture and dual stimulation. The insertable length is about 5 inches, while the overall length is 8.5 inches.

This is a rechargeable vibrator with a circumference of 4.25 inches. This vibrator is designed with extra-soft silicone. It has an impressive shape and can reach give you G-spot and clitoral orgasms. The Soraya 2 has a broader design compared to its predecessor, the Soraya. Also, its sculpted tip is thicker.

The external tip is flexible, aimed for precise clitoral stimulation. The overall ergonomic design of the Lelo Soraya ensures you will have a memorable experience once this vibrator lands in your vagina.

In all, it is said that if life gives you a lemon, make lemonade! These are some of the best sex toys that can transform a supposed gloomy stay-at-home sentence to a paradisiacal holiday, drowning your sorrows in torrential sexual climaxes!

After all, is anything worth more than a good orgasm?