Best Sex Toys For Valentine's Day

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The 3 Best Sex Toys For Valentine's Day & Beyond


With St. Valentine's Day fast approaching, maybe you're thinking about ho-hum gifts like flowers, chocolates and “love-you” cards. But if a relationship is truly special, then you should be shopping for sex toys instead. Cards and flowers are an everyday way of acknowledging someone you love. Yet, new tools can rocket you up to the next level in your relationship while opening new avenues for mutual exploration and growth. What's the best sex toy for Valentine's Day? There are so many good options that it's hard to choose only one toy. In this article we'll review the three best sex toys to give your lover on Valentine's Day for year-round pleasure.


Whether you're playing solo or with a partner, raise your game to the next level

Using a sex toy with your partner is a powerful way to increase intimacy and intensify the experience together. This is especially true when it's the first time a toy is being introduced into your relationship.


Maybe you and your partner will shop and choose a toy together. Or, maybe you'll secretly go online to buy something naughty (shhhh!) and spring the surprise when they least expect it.


In either case, you'll achieve the same results – Better bonding and better love. You'll experience a sudden burst of lust followed by long-term satisfaction with a much deeper relationship.


Psychologists say that a partner's openness about having sex toys in the bedroom is a great indicator of how considerate they are as a lover. After all, sex toys aren't a threat to the relationship, they're tools to enhance it.

And, even when there's no partner, a good toy can fill the role by giving complete satisfaction.


Valentine's Day can come on any day of the year

In reality, many women need vaginal or clitoral stimulation to help them experience orgasm. It's an unfortunate pun – Valentine's Day only comes once a year. That's why foreplay enhanced with the right toy is often the key to long-term pleasure in satisfied couples.

The 3 award-winning sex toys described in this article were chosen specifically for the mutual pleasure they bring. Of course, singles also need relief. Frankly, a good toy can be the best companion when you're alone – It rarely talks back, and it never gets tired or bored!

With solo excitement as well as couples' long-term pleasure in mind, let's dive into the sea of sex toys and highlight Elva, Tyler and Echo, the 3 best sex toys for Valentine's Day, based on the long-lasting excitement and heat they create.




First let's meet Elva, the world's most intelligent bullet egg vibrator. Its technical description is “remote-controlled G-spot and clitoral stimulator.” Regardless of name, Elva is much smarter than most vibrators because its 26 different modes offer the widest range of solo and couples experiences.

It's operated by remote control, and it features a strong string that won't “give up” when you or your partner gives it a playful tug. Of course, it's whisper quiet – even when you can't control your own outbursts at the height of passion.


svakom elva


To ensure long life with low maintenance, Elva has a rechargeable battery with pinhole charging. Its IPX6 waterproof design can withstand plenty of splashing, both during and after playtime.


Elva features


✔ Intelligent mode offers 26 unique experiences
✔ Award-winning IPX 6 waterproof design
✔ Remote control
✔ Rechargeable battery with pinhole charging
✔ Small and quiet, perfect for travel and discreet use anytime
✔ Body-safe silicon material
✔ Size & weight: 34 x 80 millimeters, 93 grams
✔ Battery type & capacity: Polymer lithium, 300 mAh
✔ Charging time: 1.5 hours:
✔ Max continuous use time: 2.5 hours
✔ 1-year manufacturer's warranty
✔ 10-year guarantee on quality of materials


Elva is the perfect gift for Valentine's Day because it's simply the best long-life vibrating bullet-egg in its class. If you're in a committed relationship and looking for the best sex toy to give your partner remote thrills, Elva is the perfect naughty surprise. And, if you're single or solo its exceptionally long battery life offers the best way to pleasure yourself anytime.



Designed with adventurous couples in mind, Tyler is the world's best vibrating cock ring for a couple, not to mention how handy it is for solo pleasure. Although its name sounds appropriately masculine, Tyler offers two-way stimulation for both partners.


For his stronger performance and her greater pleasure


It's truly the world's sexiest combination of vibrating penis ring and clitoris stimulator. That's because this isn't just an “ordinary” penis ring that helps prolong a man's pleasure. Tyler brings a couple together by stimulating the man while offering plenty of simultaneous excitement for the woman's clitoris.


Tyler works both ways because, unlike a typical cock ring, it also features a soft, vibrating pad that “hits the spot” for women, too. It's definitely the best sex toy for Valentine's Day when you want to encourage a male partner to try something new for a change of pace.



svakom tyler


Shoot arrows just like Cupid

Tyler is the most versatile sex toy for year-round enjoyment, whether for couples or solo use. That's because men find this unique design to be the most effective solo tool for having “hands-free” orgasms – Sometimes lots of them in rapid succession!


Tyler features


✔ Ultra-soft silicon ring with powerful vibration
✔ 5 different vibration modes
✔ Award-winning IPX4 water-repellent design for easy cleaning
✔ Whisper quiet for discreet use anytime, anywhere
✔ Body-safe, ultra-soft silicone material stands up to long, hard use
✔ Rechargeable battery with pinhole charging
✔ Size: 42 x 42 x 80 millimeters, inner diameter 29 millimeters
✔ Weight: 31 grams
✔ Charging time: 1 hour
✔ Max continuous use: 1 hour
✔ 1-year manufacturer's warranty
✔ 10-year guarantee on quality of materials


If you're looking for a truly versatile sex toy for Valentine's Day and far beyond, Tyler is your the best choice. It gives men better penetration and longer performance, while also pleasing women at the same time. If you want simultaneous orgasms, try Tyler!



Even though Elva and Tyler are our most-popular Valentine's gift suggestions here at SVAKOM, there's also another exceptionally-exciting sex toy that we need to mention: Echo. It's a tongue-shaped clitoral stimulator that makes women scream in pleasure.


Men and women alike also love this Valentine's gift because it looks so innocent. Yet, it's undeniably naughty.


Echo is the best Valentine's gift because a woman can carry it in her purse (or elsewhere!) all day long without attracting attention, ready to give multiple orgasms at a moment's notice. Men like it because it lets them give a woman the gift of foreplay forever.

What happens when you give this sex toy as a Valentine's gift to your lover? Get yourself ready for wild sex that can last year-round, long after Valentine's Day has come and gone.


svakom echo


That's because Echo is like a seductive tongue that never gets tired. Fortunately, this sex toy includes a rechargeable battery with quick charging time, so you can keep going.


Echo features


✔ Tongue-shaped clitoral stimulator & foreplay vibrator
✔ Award-winning tongue design for maximum pleasure
✔ 5 vibration modes and 5 intensities
✔ Whisper quiet, perfect for use anywhere
✔ Available colors: Pale pink, violet, khaki and black
✔ Body-friendly ABS material is phthalate-free
✔ IPX4 water-repellent design for easy cleaning
✔ Size & weight: 30 x 39 x 88 millimeters, 38 grams
✔ Rechargeable polymer lithium battery
✔ Charging time: 1 hour
✔ Max continuous use: 1 hour
✔ 1-year manufacturer's warranty
✔ 10-year guarantee on quality of materials


The best sex toys for Valentine's Day and year-round


If you're thinking about raising your relationship to the next level, or adding some spice to your single life, just try one or more of these 3 award-winning toys. You'll enjoy an awesome Valentine's Day followed by year-round pleasure.