Best positions for using sex toys And the best vibrators to pair with

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One study states that more than half of all, sexually active, women have ever used a vibrator for their pleasure, and also concludes that these spicy bedroom devices are becoming much more common. Yet some people still hold on to the idea that vibrators are only necessary for masturbation, used only when an actual partner is not available.


It's time to debunk this erroneous sex myth. The fact is that using a vibrator during sex with your partner can enhance the sensation you both have. It can also make the usual action more intimate and complement it with the wonderful feeling of something new and unexplored, experimenting in your bed, allowing you to learn more about what turns you both on and what kind of stimulation you two need to experience deep, intense orgasms.


Up next, we'll talk about five different positions that can help you achieve MORE when complemented with a vibrator - plus the exact type of vibrator to use for each specific position.



If you like running the show in the bedroom, but your climax requires clitoral stimulation (and seriously, who doesn't?), then this woman-on-top position is definitely for you. Your partner lying on their back and you sit on top facing each other. Let your partner hold a wand vibrator against your clitoris and lightly stroke your thighs, running it further and further between your legs. When you're in complete control of the depth and rhythm and your partner is stimulating your clitoris, you'll be more likely to get off.

For this position, we recommend the Emma Neo a wand-style vibrator with a bunny ears attachment, allowing you to achieve stimulation of even the most hidden areas of the body in this position.


Ring rider

By adding a vibrating cock ring to this woman-on-top variation, you will maximize both partners pleasure, because it will stimulate your clitoris and the underbelly of the penis. To get started, ask your partner to wear a cock ring, like Tammy or Winni. Facing away from your partner, place your knees on either side of their body, and shift your hips back as if you were sitting down. Once you’re in position, try grinding instead of thrusting to keep the constant vibration against your clitoris. The great part of using the cock ring in this position is it gives you complete control over the depth of penetration and how sustained the vibration is.


Vibration from behind

Lean over a counter, sink, or table, placing your hands on it firmly for support. Have your partner enter you from behind, with your hips tilted slightly forward. In this position, your partner can use a small vibrator to touch your nipples and/or clitoris. Siren or Nymph double-end-vibrators are a great choice for this. You can use the head part of the devices for standard vibration or turn on the other end for an extra surprise.


Oral sex pleasure

You can complement oral gratification and get an extra powerful orgasm with the help of a spot vibrator. During oral, your partner can obviously focus on the outside while sliding a special tool to focus on the inside. The small Cici vibrator is perfect for that, since it was carefully designed with a spoon-like shape that reaches the G-spot like no other.

Having a partner taking the vibrator in and out of you as they lick hits so many of your pleasure points at the same time. As your partner use his tongue, mouth, hands, AND the vibrator to pleasure you, you can play with your breasts or nipples for even more stimulation. Or lace your fingers through their hair to steer them toward the exact pressure and speed you desire.


Spooning surprise.

The best thing about spooning is that it allows a global reach let’s say - your partner can manually hold the vibrator on you during sex. What's also great is that you can't see the vibrator, so you build up all that intense anticipation waiting to feel it against you. For this position, a simple vibrator like Anya or Elva Vibrator Bullet is a good choice.

If you want a more active role, you can also hold the sex toy on yourself. Not only will this give you control over your orgasm, but it will free up your partner's hands to hold you close, kiss and stroke you, also the visual component will make your partner go crazy or, at least, that’s what they say :P