Best Creative Sex Positions to Try Out as a Couple

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Good sex is priceless and one of the most satisfying experiences you can enjoy. Very few things beat the sensation of that thrilling orgasm that makes the world appear to stop for a moment. 

Sex is as diverse as it is exhilarating. For some couples, sex is just for babies. For the more adventurous type, sex is a unique opportunity to go wild with a partner who is willing to step with you out of the normal.

For us, the last place you should be boring is on the bed. Ask couples about their sex lives, most of them are sexually conservative, stuck eternally with the old school missionary style. Boring!

Well, if you want more fun and thrill, you have to be willing to try something new. Experience has shown that the more creativity and inventiveness you unleash on the bed, the more rewarding and exciting your sexual experience is.

Should you be looking for the best creative sex positions to try out with your partner, you are right at home. In this fascinating guide, we will explore some of the best out-of-the-normal sex positions you can try out as a couple.

These inventive styles are trusted to increase the level of intimacy between you and your partner. They will spice up your sex life enough for you guys to look forward to the next time you both get into the bedroom. The vigorous orgasms resulting from these positions are assured of consolidating the emotional bonds between you and your partner.

Are you ready for them? Yes, and let us go!

The Flatiron style

Well, we all must have heard of the doggy style, but how about the flatiron technique? The flatiron is more like a reversed doggy sex. If you intend to focus on vaginal pleasure for your partner, you should be considering this style. What pose does it entail?

The lady needs to lie facing down with her hips raised a bit while her knees are slightly bent. To better get her in the ideal position, her hips could be propped with a pillow, so they appear slightly projected. 


In this position, the man can penetrate her from behind. This rear-entry style aims to enhance g-spot stimulation. The man has to relieve his partner of his weight by supporting himself with his arms.

In this position, there are plenty of penetration styles. The man could go with speedy insertions or slow thrusts, which are deeper. To ramp up the romantic atmosphere, the man can be whispering some sweet romantic words into the ears of his lover.

The side-by-side sex

In this style, the lady lies on her side, facing her partner. Accordingly, the man keeps his hips tucked under the raised leg of his lady. The fundamental advantage of this style is the face to face intimacy it allows the couple.






While engaging in this style, couples can maintain eye contact while sharing pleasures and simultaneously caressing their erogenous areas. We prefer the pace for this sex position to be slow with long penetrations, to lengthen the intimacy, while sustaining facial contact while having sex.  

The woman on top

This is another beautiful sex position to consider with your partner. While the name sounds weird, this style closely mirrors the typical cowgirl you must have known before now. This style allows the man to control the tempo predominantly.


Here, the male partner majorly determines the depth of penetration of speed of thrust. We recommend the man alternating between deep thrusts and shallow ones. The shallow thrusts are crucial in stimulating the most sensitive part of her vagina, which is essentially the front third of the vagina.

To maximize the woman on top style, the man may need to stimulate the woman orally. This would help them climax more quickly. Therefore, the lady can squat over the man's face for the man to orally titillate her.

The Hot Seat technique

This is another sex position for couples focusing on g-spot stimulation. This style is pretty simple, with no complicated postures. Here, the man needs to sit on the chair's edge with his feet planted on the floor.


After this, the lady turns her back to the man, sitting between his legs. In this position, it is easier for the woman to rock her man continuously, leveraging the chair's arms. This way, the woman is better posed to control the angle of penetration. Indeed, this style also mirrors the traditional doggy style, just that this time, the man is not in charge. 

   The Spooning style

Quite a ridiculous name, isn't it? But the spooning style is one of the most enjoyable unorthodox sex positions that you could try out with your partner. This position allows the couple to amplify the romantic edge of sex with more touches and direct skin contact. The lady snuggles up to the man as the little spoon.


In this position, couples are significantly more intimate, with more space for cuddling. The man's torso is in direct touch with the lady's butt and back. This man can readily reach out to caress the breast of his partner. He could also choose up the tempo by using a clitoral vibrator like the SVAKOM Anya for increasing the sensation on his partner's clitoris, giving her more pleasure. 

  This spooning technique directly replaces the rawness and emotionlessness of the doggy style, with something romantic and loving. With the lady snuggled to the man, the man can penetrate her vagina from behind.

This style doesn't work with the animalistic speed of the doggy sex style. In the spooning technique, the man gently thrusts into his partner, drawing out his penis longer to increase the pleasure of the boning experience. This extended contact enhances the emotional connection of the sexual exercise, with the man squeezing the legs of his partner together. 

  If you are uncomfortable with the typical kneeling of doggy sex or you struggle to stand too long when having sex, you should try out this spooning technique. This sex style doesn't require a significant application of energy, reducing the chances of quick exertion or soreness.

   The Yab yum style

The yab yum is another unconventional sex position for adventurous couples. This allows couples to sexually thrill themselves while maintaining steady eye contact. Certainly, there is a lot of cuddling in the yab yum style.


To arrive at this poise, this man sits upright, stretching his legs in front of his torso. His legs could be crossed in front of his body as well. Now, the woman sits in the man's lap, looking directly at him, with her legs wrapped around her man's hips. If both couples like, they could also wrap their arms around their bodies. Great, now in position, let the fun begin!

This position lacks speed, focusing more on synced slow movements and simultaneous gyration. This is essentially because the partner below would have his/her movement restricted. This means both partners would have to go slow. There is enough room for kissing and caressing in this position.  

We love the fantastic intimacy of the yab yum technique. This may compensate for the inhibited movement in this sex position, which some may find discomfiting. To make it less inconveniencing, we do not recommend couples to use a bed nor do it straight on the floor.

Instead, they should use a chair or a couch with an elevated back. The lady could grab both sides of the chair for more leverage as she grinds against her partner.  

The Legs on the floor technique

This position is step-up from the traditional missionary style we all know. Here, the lady lies with her back on the bed with her legs dangling. To better prop up her lower body, they could get a pillow under her buttocks, sustainably keeping her pelvis upturned.


Now, it is the turn of the man. He would lift his lady's legs, positioning himself at the edge of the bed. To make it less sapping, he could place the legs of his woman on his shoulders or just wrap the legs around his waist. 

  Eye contact makes this sex position more exciting and sexually fulfilling. The pillow placed under the lady's butt helps align her pelvis with the man's penetration. In this position, the partners get less tired while enjoying a more sensual connection. The sexual tempo can even be further ramped up by the man using the SVAKOM Adonis for G-spot warming.

    The Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

The CAT technique is strongly recommended for clitoral stimulation. For women finding it almost impossible to enjoy a satisfying orgasm via the missionary style, you could try the Coital Alignment Technique. Yes, there is sufficient scientific backing for this.


The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy revealed a study carried out across women struggling to climax in missionary sex. 56% of these ladies enjoyed a rewarding orgasm when they tried out the CAT technique.

The CAT technique shares a typical resemblance with the missionary style, except that in the CAT technique, the man's torso is elevated and also shifted to one side. In this manner, the man's shoulders almost border the lady's chest.

  This contradicts the customary chest to chest style of the missionary style. Here, the lady's hips are tilted up, with her legs inclined to 45 degrees. In this position, the man's shaft can always touch the lady's clitoris, sending her wild with exhilaration.

Here is our special nugget to maximize the pleasure of the CAT technique. Rather than do the regular up-down penetration, the man can rock forward and back, even grinding his pelvis circularly inside the lady. This will quickly push your lady to orgasm with increased stimulation.