Best Clitoral Vibrators You Can Get Under $100

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Clitoral vibrators – also known as clit vibrators or clitoris vibrators – have firmly established themselves in the mainstream culture when it comes to picking sex toys today. Well, a clitoral vibrator is no more than a vibrating sex toy, which primarily stimulates the clitoris.

Compared to other conventional vibrators, clitoral vibrators are smaller. The reduced size can be rightly attributed to the specialized area they concentrate on – which here is the clitoris. This less prominent size explains why clit vibrators are commonly referred to as pocket rockets.

While clitoral vibrators work excellently as standalone sex toys, there are cases where they are added as appendages to other sex toys to ramp up the stimulation.

Most of us will agree that the clitoris is the most sensitive (and arguably the most essential) sex organ in the woman’s body. Small as it can be, the clitoris houses hordes of nerve endings, which can produce exhilarating sexual pleasure when stimulated.

Ask some women, they would admit that they struggle to reach orgasms if clitoral stimulation isn’t on the sex menu. Now, you see why women are going crazily in love with clit vibrators today. They can give you all the pleasure you yearn in a solo mode or even used with your partner.

We all know a good orgasm (via clitoral stimulation) is one incredible paradise you don’t want to miss – even juicing things up with added health benefits like stress reduction and sleep improvement.

Having established what clitoral vibrators are and the loads of fun they bring to the party, you may be curious about how you can choose a clitoral vibrator.

Wouldn’t you like to learn about these criteria for selecting your next clit vibrator?




Here we will examine the crucial factors you should consider when you go out to buy a clitoral vibrator.


Which Size and Shape?


The shape and the size of your clit vibrator are no doubt the two most critical factors to consider when buying clit vibrators. One question you should ask yourself is the prominence/discretion of the vibrator.

Do you want it to draw attention to you or not?

Should you be very keen on privacy, it is only reasonable you go with a clit vibrator with an ambiguous design. This way, people can’t readily tell that you have a vibrator on you from just the outline.

If, on the other hand, you care so little about secrecy, you are free to ignore the shape of your vibrator.

The size depends majorly on where you plan to use it often. Is it a clit vibrator you intend to use more at home? If yes, it is okay if you go with a bigger product.

Also, do you plan to be using it readily outdoors? If so, you would want to go with a smaller, travel-friendly vibrator.

Yes, the comfortability of your clit vibrator (especially when you hold it) is another crucial consideration. The ergonomic design comes more into play here. How convenient would it be to hold the vibrator for extended periods?

Granted, the generality of clit vibrators out there are curved and readily fit into your hands. A larger percentage of these vibrators are used for external use. Others do more than just clitoral stimulation as they are also designed for penetration.


What is the Power Source?


You are not going to ignore the power source of your vibrator, are you? You will have to choose between a clit vibrator recharged by plugging into the wall and that which is powered by a battery.

If you don’t mind much about portability (which is prominent when you would be using your vibrator majorly at home), you could go with a plug-in vibrator. Conversely, if you are a huge proponent of portability, you may want to go with battery-powered vibrators.

For those going with the battery option, it is left to you to choose if you want to go with rechargeable batteries or not. We always advise that you go with heavy-duty batteries, which are fairly durable.

You would relate how painful and frustrating it is when you are thrilling yourself with fun from your vibrator, and your battery goes off right in the middle of the show. Aargh!!!


What is the Noise Level?


We have talked about discretion before in the shape and size. Well, the noise level is another paramount determinant of how discreet your clit vibrator gets.

You want to get a less noisy vibrator that will not sound like a rattling a saw machine, sure waking up the whole yard.

If you are the private type, go for vibrators that are super quiet and can be used just anywhere without inviting undue attention.

Preferably go for whisper-quiet vibrators that can’t be heard, say from a meter away.


What are the Vibration Settings?


We don’t need to get into an argument of how vital the vibration settings are. We all agree that the fun and pleasure derived from the experience are inseparably tied to the vibration mechanism.

What sensation do you want?

You want a clit vibrator that gives you more flexibility to manipulate the stimulation just how you want it. You may want it more intense or gentler, depending on the mood or ambiance.

This explains why many would go with vibrators with many distinct pulse settings. This allows you more freedom to mix things up.

Take note that clit vibrators with more settings are better accustomed to experienced sex toy users. If this is your first time getting a sex toy, it is more advisable to go with a clit vibrator with fewer settings.

This will keep things simpler compared to the sophistication that accompanies advanced sex toys.




Now that we have laid out what clitoral vibrators are and what they do as well as the core metrics for choosing them, we will look next into some of the best clitoral vibrators you can get in the market presently under $100.

You will be glad to find that these tested and proven clit vibrators perfectly combine functionality, elegance, and affordability.

SVAKOM Sara Mini-sized G-Spot & Clitoris Vibrating Wand Massager


The SVAKOM Sara stands out for the flexibility of its head. This gives you the precious freedom of using it in just any angle you desire to pump up the pleasure.

You will agree this is a huge respite for those who have been battling with the weariness of embarrassing hand positions. The vibrating head of the SVAKOM Sara goes just anywhere you want it to bend.

With a dimension of 22.5m×145mm and a weight of 47g, its portability ensures it is your ready carry-along vibrator to thrill yourself outdoors. It comfortably fits into your luggage or your handbag – always there when you need it most.

The versatility of the SVAKOM Sara sweetens the pie. It takes care of both G-spot stimulation and clitoral massaging. Is this one of those notorious vibrators that go off in the heat of the action?


The SVAKOM Sara is famed for its durability. Indeed, it is furnished with a polymer lithium battery, with a capacity of 400mAh. This vibrator can reliably give you 4 wholesome hours of uninterrupted fun.

This vibrator has a charging time of 4 hours. It is equally body-safe, being made of body-safe silicone +ABS. You have so much fun on your hands with the vibrator as the SVAKOM Sara is equipped with 5 intensity levels and 5 vibration modes.

For all these goodies that the SVAKOM Sara presents, wouldn’t you think you could be spending hundreds of dollars on it?

No! This vibrator goes for just a meager $75!


SVAKOM Alice Rabbit Vibrator for G-spot and Clitoris, Massager with Double-motor


The SVAKOM Alice vibrator is another vibrator worth gracing this eminent list. This vibrator stands out for the groundbreaking SVAKOM Intelligent Mode technology.

This SVAKOM Intelligent Mode remarkably mimics the entire sexual adventure all the way from foreplay to climax. It is simple work.
All you need to do is press the S button, and the pleasure starts!

Sure, you would be intrigued to learn that this vibrator comes with 7+1 vibration modes and 5 intensity levels. This means that you have all the stimulation you want: from sexy teasing to harder pulsing to bashful foreplay. This is your assured companion for multiple climaxes.

 Oh, the SVAKOM Alice isn’t “scared” of water.

It is equipped with the IPX6 technology – meaning your vibrator is well-protected from those fearfully powerful water jets. Being a dual-motor device, you would be right to dream of double portions of pleasure.


This means that the two high-frequency powerful motors can give you those brain-numbing stimulations both externally and internally.

Being that this vibrator is supplied with two powerful motors, your first impression would be that the SVAKOM Alice is another noisy vibrator. But you couldn’t be any farther from reality.

The SVAKOM Alice is one of the best whisper-quiet clit vibrators out there in the market today. You don’t need to fret about being noticed when you use it.

Of course, the SVAKOM Alice is rechargeable. This baby comes with a rechargeable lithium battery, with a 430mAH battery.

 It has a charging time of 1.5 hours, working with a 5V/1A adapter (output voltage/current). When fully charged, this vibrator can give you 2 hours of uninterrupted pleasure.


We-Vibe Touch Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator


The We-Vibe touch rechargeable vibrator is known for its smoothness and comfy touch on the clitoris. This is as it is made from smooth silicone.

Yes, it is portable as well – just about the size of your palm. Its shape is also commendable with a relatively rigid design. It has a concave side enhanced with a soft peak for enveloping your clitoris. This vibrator is fairly easy to use. It is has 8 distinct modes for your picking.

The We-Vibe touch rechargeable vibrator is rechargeable and can run when fully charged for 2 hours. It also has a waterproof design which enables you to use it in watery conditions.

More interestingly, this vibrator comes with a nice satin drawstring storage bag. However, it is worth pointing out that the reaching the button can be quite awkward.