Murden - SVAKOM Copywriter

Posted by SVAKOM 20/12/2019 0 Comment(s) SVAKOM Crew Testimonials,

I’m Murden, I worked for SVAKOM as a copy writer for 1.5 years. I have to say that this was an unforgettable and fun working experience that I have ever had in my life! Although I was a little exposed to sex toys before joining SVAKOM, it was still a big shock when I first saw all the different kinds of sex toys SVAKOM had on show. The first day I started on the job, a manager took me on a tour of the office whereas he proudly showed me all different types of sex toys. From all types of vibrators, dildos and the realistic fake pussies. I was surprised that I didn’t become a little flushed! The same week I was assigned a task - I had to watch porn on my desk...

I am a proud gay man, and I am a very open-minded person, although I am Chinese. I love new things and I crave new experiences, this year and half of work experience has not only benefited my CV but also the bedroom fun with my boyfriend. He loves SVAKOM ever since. From the first day that I walked into the office I knew this was going to be a venture I would come to treasure and appreciate. I love the industry of intimate pleasure, and I love the healthy sexual concept that SVAKOM wants to bring to society internationally and domestically among all of their clients both current and future.

Working with a bunch of open-minded people is fun, relaxing and also highly efficient. We all have brilliant ideas to bring to the table about the products and potential new concepts, promotional materials and brand concepts. The brain-storming sessions were the most intense times as well as the most fun time we had spent together. The value we added to the production was gold. SVAKOM crews are all so passionate, driven and in love with this brand. This love and passion really showed in the work that we created.

I have also grown so much in terms of my work ability. I had the chance to create a whole new concept for the new product launching, I worked with all different departments to make the best decisions for the product. I got to know so much about the sex toy industry. I tried so many new things: being in charge of new commercial videos as well as project management.This truly tested my abilities and I gained flexibility, vital management skills and branding knowledge. I have to say thank you to my managers and every co-worker who had been so helpful and supportive of my work.

Although my professional path has changed direction, I still hold a deep love and appreciation for SVAKOM and this industry and of course every SVAKOM crew member. I will keep this passion and experience close to my heart, and keep exploring my limits.