How SVAKOM ALEX Sex Toy Helped Me Enjoy My 14-days Self Isolation

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It was a wonderful evening in Florence, Italy. Earlier in the afternoon, I had enjoyed a wholesome experience, drinking in the beauty of famous sculptures by the legendary Michelangelo. I was fed to stupor with the artistic beauty strewn across Italy.

I will tell you the truth, I never wanted to leave. Unfortunately, my trip to Italy was winding up, and I was forced to start planning for my return to Birmingham. While I was rolling in the pleasure of the sights of Florence, the dreaded coronavirus (Covid-19) was already creeping up in northern Italy.

Boom! The UK government went into a precautionary overdrive and ordered returnees from Italy to go into isolation for 2 weeks when they land in the UK.

The directive dropped like a bombshell in my heart. Yeah, I was the last person in the world to be shut indoors for a hell of 14 days. Gosh, how was I going to cope for all those “years” holed up in my home?

Of course, I was asymptomatic. I was healthy as I had ever been. Just the previous day, I have pumped up weights and played rigorous soccer to keep my six-packs abs in place. Sorry, I don’t joke with my abs, given the fortune they have fetched me with the ladies…haha!

Alright, I will admit it. I wasn’t worried about isolation because I was going to miss work. Hell no! What was I going to miss at the office? My bald boss who only smiles once in summer?

I was disturbed about the 14-day self-quarantine because I was VERY sexually active. C’mon, I wouldn’t be able to see my girlfriend for those days. How about I am going to survive those lonely nights when I would be dripping with horniness?   

My heart was aching in fear.

I got back to Birmingham, and in line with directives from the authorities, I went into isolation. After about two days, I put a call to my girlfriend and told her of the sexual nightmare I was drowning in.

 She was equally worried about me, but it was unhealthy and unreasonable for her to come to me and give me that good, well-deserved bedroom time.

But wait…

I wasn’t going to die of arousal locked at home. Thanks to my lucky stars, I remembered before I left, I got some sex toys I didn’t have time to try before I hurried off to Florence. 

My girlfriend – who was very welcoming of my sexuality – encouraged me to try them out.

Poor me, did I really have a choice? I begrudgingly went to my sinful drawer and pulled out this SVAKOM Alex Powerful Thrusting Masturbator I had not tried out before.  


Think about this for a moment.

I was already getting sick of masturbators. Those I have tried out have been a close-to-horror experience. In some cases, the orifices were as disdainful as the smile of that your heartless creditor.

It would have been nice if that was the only problem I had with masturbators, but no. There was this masturbator I used whose odor made summer holiday in a pig pen preferable.

This was why I was getting tired of masturbators…not because I was already giving my life to Christ. Lol. I didn’t just want to repeat such ugly experiences.

I feel quite ashamed to admit to this. But my miserable experiences with masturbators were among the major reasons my present relationship had lasted so long. I couldn’t imagine my dick being left out in the wilderness all by itself.


Guess what? The SVAKOM Alex Powerful Thrusting Masturbator beat my expectations exponentially!

The experience was mind-blowing as the isolation turned to be a blessing in disguise. For the first 2 days I tried it, I was struggling to do any other thing through the day other than using the masturbator.

Nah, don’t be too quick to toss me off as irresponsible. I was literally going to heaven anytime I put on this SVAKOM Alex.

Let me tell you more about this blissful experience, shall I?

First, I was thrilled that the SVAKOM Alex masturbator was lavishly furnished with 7 intense auto-thrusting modes. You read that right, 7! The pleasure was almost too much for me, man.

This means I had a nourishing sexual treat, being fed with a wide range of sensations and stimulations as I thrust my life away.

The frequencies were intense, bro. All I had to do was adjust the thrusting strength to suit my peculiar taste. The intense thrusting motor ensured I was having a royal session in “wankerland”. Trust me, I was almost cumming my brains out!

Was that all? Damn NO!

The realistic touch of the SVAKOM Alex was out of this world. The ultra-soft internal material of this masturbator gave me that ultimate realistic experience - just like I would with my partner.

It is unfortunate that the FDA doesn’t monitor the sex toy industry – placing them under the classification of “novelty materials”.

The sad implication of this is that I have been tortured by masturbators (that I bought with my hard-earned money), which were ridiculously stacked with dangerous chemicals that left me with burning and itching sensations. One particular masturbator I used left me battling rashes for more than a week…Yuck!

The good news is that the SVAKOM Alex masturbator is made of Body-safe ABS material. This made it entirely healthy for use.

Now, I will ask you a question…  

Have you ever found yourself with that rough non-stretchy masturbator makes wanking more of a hard-labor prison sentence?
Well, I have there severally, and I am not proud of the horror.

Therefore, it was enormously relieving when I felt that subtle but sensitive grip of the SVAKOM Alex masturbator around my dick.

The SVAKOM Alex is equipped with a complex inner texture that gave me that feel-good sensation. More than that, this masturbator had a uniquely designed internal material. This feature gave it that automatic grabbing feature. Oh boy, it felt so good!

Another aspect that made me fall deeper in love with the SVAKOM Alex masturbator was the immersive experience. This made my naughtiest dreams come true, spoiling me with five scenarios of sexual fantasies.

One notorious problem I have had with masturbators is flexibility. Come on, I don’t want to carry a Thor hammer around in the name of a masturbator. I always prefer something more discreet, flexible, and can still get the job perfectly done.

This is how you also like your masturbator, don’t you?

Well, if you are keen on portability without sacrificing functionality, the SVAKOM Alex Powerful Thrusting Masturbator is what you have been screaming for!

This masturbator is super portable, weighing just 1200g. Yeah, it has a length of 152 mm. This from scientific research is the ideal length for all penis sizes.

Here is something you are going to love. The SVAKOM Alex has an easily detachable design. All you have to do is twist and lock!

This means I could readily take this SVAKOM with me outdoors and give myself some nice time without the bulkiness of my masturbator raising eyebrows unnecessarily.

Oh, I can hear you screaming about the battery. The battery didn’t disappoint me either. The SVAKOM Alex Powerful Thrusting Masturbator was loaded with a polymer lithium battery, having a battery capacity of 2200mAh.

It took me about 5 hours of charging time to get it full. But more interestingly, this gave me a complete hour of non-interrupted usage. Yeah, that means 60 minutes non-stop of intense pleasure.

Is your dick throbbing, already? Well, it should!

When choosing masturbators, you should keen on design, functionality, comfort, and yes, cost. It makes no sense if a masturbator gives you all the most brain-racking experiences if it way beyond your budget.

Therefore, for all the pleasure the SVAKOM Alex Powerful Thrusting Masturbator washed with me, it was well affordable. I got this masturbator for around $169.

Considering all the features and experience this masturbator gives, I can confidently say it is one of the best bargains I have made when buying sex toys in a long while.

Listen, I have bought masturbators as costly as $450, and they didn’t give me as much as half of the pleasure and experience that the SVAKOM Alex gives me.

So you got it all, this was the SVAKOM masturbator that helped me have the best time in my 14-day isolation after coming back from Florence.

I will tell you about the ugly part. Over the next days after discovering the wonder of the SVAKOM Alex masturbator, my girlfriend noticed I was no longer bombarding her phone with as many calls as I used to when I just landed in Birmingham.

What could I say? I admit a bit of the emotional vacuum had been capably filled with the SVAKOM Alex I got hooked on. 

I have finished my quarantine now and back to the world now (although outdoor life is no longer as thriving as before), and it looked like I never missed anything!

Would you blame me? 

I have been having tons of mind-bending orgasms with my SVAKOM Alex while I was in isolation. Who cares? So long, I can cum satisfactorily, the world can go fuck themselves if they like…hahaha!