Ale Moreno – Marketing Specialist

Posted by SVAKOM 10/03/2020 0 Comment(s) SVAKOM Crew Testimonials,

Hey there!!! My name is Ale and I’ve been working for SVAKOM for exactly a week lol. Even though my career is just starting here, I’m very familiar with the brand, the team and the awesome things this company is doing worldwide.

I have to admit that I was a little shocked when one of my best friends told me, and the rest of our gang, he was joining a sex toy company a couple of years ago; I was shocked because I never thought a sex toy company was even allowed to have part of its operation in China and also because, despite considering myself an open-minded individual, my country and my culture (I’m Mexican) are not so open about the industry and, in that very second, I understood I was not as free-spirited as I claimed and how misconceptions and taboos can limit your experiences and knowledge about something as important as your body, your mind and your happiness.

For two years I heard so many cool and amazing stories about SVAKOM and I followed very closely every move they made; I joined their parties, their sexual education gatherings and their testers’ stories; first out of curiosity but then, I followed because I really believe and understand what they do and what they are trying to achieve. My very good friend was constantly sharing how incredibly lucky he was for joining the team and, since we are both in marketing, we often discussed about the industry, the company and what they have to offer beyond their incredible products and; I have to admit, I was jealous, I wanted to belong to a movement like theirs, a movement with a purpose, a goal and lots of fun on the way aaaaaand a couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have a chat with my friends’ managers and convince them I was the perfect fit for their, recently open, position; somehow they bought it and now I’m sitting here writing this piece, celebrating my birthday surrounded by people who feel like family and having a million ideas on how to make this world a more open, healthy and sexy place, one toy at a time.

PS: Thank you Iker.