Types of relationships: What is yours?

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Love is undoubtedly one of the main motivations of the human being and getting a partner is (mostly) one of those vital goals in life. We feel great and every day we get up happier and happier. However, this initial phase soon gives way to reality, where not everything is as beautiful as expected. In today's post we will talk about the types of couples that exist and the keys to a full and healthy love life.



The triangular theory of love
Over the years we have found many thinkers who have reflected on this whole love affair, but Robert Sternberg is one of the most popular among them. This American psychologist developed his triangular theory of love many years ago, according to which in an intimate relationship three fundamental values ​​are manifested: intimacy, passion and commitment.
● Intimacy understood as affection, closeness to the other person, that special connection that one feels towards a loved one.
● Passion is the most intense feeling and the way we express romantic desires, excitement and desire.
● Commitment as the voluntary decision to be with your partner and keep it over time. All this together would form the foundation of a relationship and would greatly help to overcome the bad times.



What types of partners are there?
In love affairs not everything is black and white, but following the scheme proposed by Sternberg we can classify couples in various types. Next, we will list the most important ones:

Of the three characteristics that we have listed above, only passion remains in this type of couples. They may not have anything in common or barely know each other, so they do not reach that level of intimacy we have talked about. Similarly, they do not feel the commitment as such, so this type of couples hardly overcome the initial phase of a relationship.

Empty relationships are those in which there is only commitment. However, there is no passion or intimacy, so many times they occur in marriages of convenience or those that are toxic from the beginning.

Oh! Romantic love! A lot of intimacy, an overflow of passion and little commitment. We would be talking about the typical summer or vacation relationship where you do not think long term or set goals.

Sociable love is between two people who feel a great intimacy and commitment, but not passion. It is normal for couples who have been together for many years and no longer have sex, things have become routine and shared activities almost always have to do with the social environment.

Best friends
Some people say that a couple is a friend with whom we have sex. In fact, in many occasions these intimate moments are often shared with people with a certain complicity. Maybe you were classmates at school, you grew up together or you shared a group of friends. But one day something changed and love began to emerge, something that can happen even at very late ages.

Long distance
Love is capricious and when it arises it does not understand kilometers. Relationships at a distance are complex and sometimes one of the parties decides to go live with the other. However, there are those who cannot afford it for various reasons, usually work, and they have no choice but to resort to the webcam or some occasional breaks. They do not usually end well.

Surely you've ever heard that "those who fight are wanted." Well it is true in this type of couples, who are always arguing and seem to get along very badly. But there they are, they remain together despite everything. If you know any of these cases, you may have had to comfort one or both parties. For what is this? Well, to many factors, maybe their intimate moments are of great quality or one of the parties does not have a high self-esteem.

And so far today's entry, where we have seen the main types of relationships that exist and the chances they have to move forward. We hope you liked it and without more, we say goodbye until next week, wishing you as always that you spend an excellent weekend in the company of the most intense Pleasure. Until next time!