Sex After An Abortion

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For a number of reasons a pregnancy may have to be terminated, despite the outrage and taboo aura around them, abortions happen. Over 600,000 legal abortions occur yearly in the United States, and with wave of women empowerment spreading at the moment, the number is expected to increase.

Post-abortion, away from the distraught and stress of the procedure, a number of questions arise among women. First, how soon after can sex resume?Not just foreplay, but actual sexual intercourse. The second is how high is the risk of pregnancy immediately after the procedure? When should birth control begin after such a procedure.

The short answer to both questions is- You're good to go 2 weeks after an abortion, and birth control should begin as soon as the procedure is done.

To break it down. It depends on your circumstances. There are two forms of abortion: Medicinal, which involves pills, usually mifepristone and misoprostol, and surgical abortions, which is an invasive procedure carried out by a doctor at a medical facility.

Both medical and surgical abortions result in bleeding and painful cramps, making it painful and uncomfortable to be intimate so soon after the procedure. The two week period usually prescribed by medical professionals is usually enough for your body to heal and get back in shape. It is expected that the bleeding and cramping should have stopped after two weeks, allowing you to have painless, comfortable sex.

You may be aware it is possible to have sex despite bleeding, but another reason for the two week break is the risk of infection.

With surgical abortions, the cervix is widened, in order to allow for complete emptying of the uterine content. After the procedure, the cervix remains widened for a while, sex in this period can transfer the naturally occurring bacteria from your vagina into the cervix, which leads to infections. The point of waiting is to let the cervix return to its former width, tiny and almost impenetrable.

Now to the issue of birth control. As soon as your abortion is completed, you become ripe for pregnancy. It is the start of a new cycle, in fact you can expect your period as soon as 4 weeks to the day.

Before resuming bedroom play, it is important to employ some form of contraception, if you do not intend on getting pregnant. You can get fitted with effective contraception like an IUD, or get a prescription for the pill, on the same day as you abortion. As a matter of fact, you can be fitted with an IUD during the same procedure, simply discuss beforehand with your doctor.

So you may have to wait as long as 2 weeks before full blown sexual intercourse, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy some pleasure. Foreplay is still very much on the table. There are countless vibrators for woman capable of providing little bursts of pleasure before your temporary leave comes to an end.