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First of everything, I'm a 27-year-old Chinese heterosexual female that was born in a small town in mainland China.

To be honest, ending up working in SVAKOM was an accident! I thought it's just a trans-border ecommence company selling digital or electronic gizmos like phone lenses, selfie stick or similar gears. (Yes, the HR didn't make it so clear on the recruitment ads. How Crafty!) It turns out that SVAKOM does sell the stick, but not the kind that I have in mind. Do you guys know about Siime and Siime eye, these 2 selfie sticks for your private parts? But that's another story.

"I gotta be cool since I've come here for the interview, I gotta be cool and try my best to get the offer first."
Hey, don't judge me, it's just that sex toys are not something that you buy as you buy groceries (or that's what I thought)

Looking at the videos automatically playing on the huge TV set on the main wall of SVAKOM reception's hall, wow, I was like: that's kinda cool, the Oscar event video, the Tyler and Trysta concept movies, the party videos, etc. Indeed, it got me, it shows a curious seed in my mind about this company.

My interviewer was a Spanish gay guy, but for some reason, he's like flushed in the interview. He's kinda nervous, I was calm compared to him. After talking with the General Manager, I got the offer 3 hours after. I was just too tired to do more interviews and kinda want to try this job. Subconsciously, there might be an adventurous and curious soul in me that has persuaded to take it.
A week after, I started working in SVAKOM together with the Spanish guy. Later in our career together, I heard him bragging about being my interviewer several times, I'm like, rolling my eyes behind him. He's now my colleague and a bitchy person but funny kinda bitchy. He's like creating a lot of fun and drama in our workplace but in a good way. You know, spice things up. He could have been a good boyfriend material. What a pity that he is gay.

The first weeks were about huge cultural shocks! I heard all kinds of NSFW stuff in the office around my ears and eyes ALL THE FUCKING TIME! It's like a bit kinda scary novelty that gradually unfolds in front of me. Sex toy never existed in my life before, it's something that I heard from "legend"! In my mind, it just existed in some small secret dirty corner-shop with dim yellow or pink lights.
With more sexually-repressed mind setting, sex toys are something foul in the Chinese mainstream sense. Yet, we talk about sex way more often than toys. On the Internet, it filled with tricks, tips, anecdotes, fictions, dirty jokes and everything as everywhere in the world. There's a continuously rising number of sex toy owners after Alibaba and Amazon era started. Of course, that's the knowledge I learned in SVAKOM.

What I've also learned and am still learning here, is about love, confidence and owning my own happiness, youth and beauty. Good sex life and getting an orgasm is something that gives us not only physical pleasure, the glossed face on the next day but also confidence psychologically.

As Kate Winslet said on the Lancôme commercial, "Beauty is the power that comes from deep within."

The power is not Lancôme!

What you need is not Lancôme, it's a well achieved orgasm!
What you need is not supplements, it's a well achieved orgasm!
What you need to get a well achieved orgasm is SVAKOM!

Men always think their girls has get there, those who are difficult to get orgasm in the theories and articles are just others' girlfriends or wife, not mine. Men will never understand how hard it is to have an orgasm.

Hey, boys, you need to know that vaginal orgasm is not an easy thing! Pay more attention to the C-spot!

Gals, using fingers to masturbate is like: "oh, I put it in there......Oh, the nail hurts! So what? How do I do it? Where's the pleasure in it? Nay, I think I'll pass it~" But with the help of SVAKOM, girl, you gonna get there!!!

Stay with SVAKOM, Explore the best part of life!
Be the best version of you.

That's all my story in working in SVAKOM crew in this phase of my life And,
Come, girls!