Jealousy and social networks

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Who are you chatting with? How is it that you still have your ex added on Social Media? And why do you like their publications? If you hear some of these questions, welcome to the world of tomorrow, where couples can bring out the best and worst of themselves. And the fact is that almost all of us have had to give many explanations for things that we have done in our virtual life.



In today's post we are going to talk about jealousy and social networks, a combination that may not be impossible but in many cases ends up being explosive.

Love, jealousy and high technology

Fortunately, almost all these problems have a quick solution and a simple explanation is enough to solve them. However, there is a percentage that cannot get rid of the idea that their partner is cheating on them. Or cyber cheat, which is practically the same in terms of trust for many people.

The communications revolution

The communications revolution that we are experiencing today has a clear impact on relationships as it has completely changed the way they interact with each other. For this reason, many relationships have ended forever when finding an image on social networks or an inappropriate comment.
This finding can occur by chance, by our own investigation or by the notice of a third person. What you consider a joke, can generate a huge distrust and insecurity in the other person, turning an innocent comment into the point of origin of a break.

The space that everyone needs

If the boy or girl you like asks you to leave your phone to check messages and calls, see what you have talked about WhatsApp or take a look at your activity on social networks, you should deny completely. These behaviors show a serious problem of jealousy and insecurity, something that sooner or later will end up ruining the relationship.

The telephone and the computer are for your personal use and enjoyment. If you want to show something to the other person, perfect, but you should never feel obligated to do so. Respect for privacy allows both parties to have their space of privacy, where they can express themselves freely. This is very healthy for the dynamics of the couple, as it allows us to breathe and disconnect from everything, a way of never losing our own identity.

Do not forget about real life

Sometimes, the situation becomes untenable because the boy or girl who was once a charm now spends all day with his nose stuck on the screen, without making any case. This is something that existed before with television, but the Internet has taken to unsuspected limits. Experts advise that we establish schedules and a time limit for social networks, not only so that our life as a couple does not suffer, but to avoid being always aware of the virtual world.

Psychologists warn that this phenomenon is becoming more frequent: couples who look like fairy tales on Instagram and then are unable to demonstrate that love outside of digital media. When the human contact is changed by the virtual, then the relationship will wear out inexorably until its imminent end. Do not let that happen!
In short, the communications revolution has allowed us to completely transform the concept of relationships, but no social network can replace a caress, a whisper to the ear or an intimate look. So make good use of advances in technology without letting you control or destroy your partner's confidence.