Fanny Chen, Sales Director

Posted by SVAKOM 18/06/2019 0 Comment(s) SVAKOM Crew Testimonials,

Today is a especial day. SVAKOM starts a new section in our Official Blog, where every month we will have stories about our SVAKOM Crew and about all members that make SVAKOM possible. It is important for us to let you know more about who is behind the brand. In this first article, we have as Blog Guest Fanny Chen, Sales Director. Wonderful woman, humorous and a great leader.



"Hello everyone, it is a great pleasure to be the first SVAKOM Member to open this section and to tell some feelings and stories.

I have been working with SVAKOM for 3 years now. A whole 3 years of this amazing journey has made me who I am, a better and stronger woman. I always had to have a long conversation after I introduced myself that I work at a sex toy company. I must say there were also some embarrassing moments. A couple of times when I was passing through the security check before my business trips' flights, airport security opened my bags, and to their surprise they were full of toys. They either pretended they didn't see anything or just laughed and let me go.

Before I started working with SVAKOM, I did not want any vibrators or dildos in my vagina. The first toy I ever tried was a SVAKOM toy called Echo and, after that, I explored more of our g-spot vibrators. My favorite one is Cici, which is a small sized vibrator with a flexible head and an elegant design, it stimulates in angles I want, allowing me to reach the orgasm every time.

About a year and a half ago, I travelled to Eilat for holidays, and I met a very pleasant Russian couple there. They did not speak English very well, but somehow, we became friends. I gave them SVAKOM Nymph as a gift. The morning after, they came to me when I was relaxing at the swimming pool. I already knew the pleasure Nymph brought them because of the beautiful smile on their faces: "We love Nymph, we enjoyed it so much! Thanks thanks thanks!". I will always remember that special moment, which made me feel so happy and proud.

I have made a lot of friends during this period working in the sex toy industry and I must say it is amazing the "good vibes" everyone in the industry has.

A fun truth is when I met my boyfriend for the second time. He was able to remember I was working at SVAKOM but he didn't have any clue about what my name was.

When working for a sex toy company, the fun never ends."