Becky Flynn - Marketing Manager

Posted by SVAKOM 24/07/2019 0 Comment(s) SVAKOM Crew Testimonials,

Hello guys! I became so blush when they told me I had to write my testimonial of the company and talk about my personal experience regarding sex toys.

I had been working in different marketing departments for three years before I start working for SVAKOM. I change industry due to I wanted to explore different markets and get new vibes (totally applies for SVAKOM hahaha)

How did I join SVAKOM? It was 19 months ago when I got a call from SVAKOM H.R. Department and I got invited to have an interview with SVAKOM. At the very beginning I didn't know it was a sex toy company, so I got a huge surprise when I arrived to the offices and saw the walls full of vibrators.

I started laughing and thought if I would start working for sex toys I will never be able to take it serious. Cmon, we are talking about vibrators, plus I am a really shy girl (I agree to write this testimonial as far as my picture won't appear).

I was impressed actually, especially when I met the guy in charge of the marketing team. I knew what kind of leader he was after half an hour talking with him. I also realized I will be in an international team, working with people from different nationalities and with different cultures and education fields. I made the decision immediately, I was joinning SVAKOM.

I still remember my first week at the office, I was so shocked by those words I have never heard. I was constantly looking on the internet the meaning of so many slangs, phrases and so on related with sex and that was when I realized we really need more sexual education( education about sex, genders, sexual orientation and genital organs) and shouldn't keep sex life in secret or as a taboo topic.

After getting the training of the industry and about words/slangs, I got shocked by all products SVAKOM colleagues were showing to me. Especially the male masturbator with sound and speed and warming vibrators. It looked way too real to be truth. I couldn't even look straight to it without blush.

In this year and a half working in SVAKOM, I learned how sex toys can benefit people in terms of get confidence explore your body without shame, make couples explore kinks and even release stress and help with premature ejaculation!

I became less and less shy when talking about the products and I even recommend some of them to some friends, but a true and funny fact is my parents still think I am working in a beauty company, still shy to tell them I hold tons of vibrators on my hands per day.