21 foods that will help you enjoy sex

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…Or at least that's what they say. There are so many myths around aphrodisiacs and, although we cannot guarantee that those foods will actually enhance your performance -since this will depend on more factors other than food- it is true that there are many foods reputed to enhance sexual desire and performance.

As there is not really a ranking in this, we are going to review this list of foods that will help you enjoy sex.

Avocado: contains bromocriptine that increases sexual desire, good fats that help the formation of sex hormones and vitamins D and E that provide energy to perform for longer.

Garlic: this one is a little bit tricky because, even though it contains allicin, which is a powerful vasodilator that improves erection, it leaves a not so very pleasant breath. Use only if you trust your mouthwash 100%.

Celery: contains androstenone and androstenol, which are two pheromones that are said to attract women.

Blueberries: improve circulation and are vasodilators, so they naturally enhance erections.

Tuna: contains vitamin B3, which improves blood circulation.

Oatmeal: increases the level of free testosterone in the blood when consumed regularly.

Saffron: said to help maintain an erection and improve performance

Cocoa / Chocolate: facilitates the release of dopamine, which increases arousal and predisposition

Cinnamon: It has stimulating properties, mainly when combined with milk.

Lean meats: protein foods increase the level of dopamine and norepinephrine that increase the sensitivity of the skin.

Asparagus: contain vitamin E, which promotes blood flow, and potassium, which is good for the production of sex hormones.

Strawberries: its vitamin C content helps the formation of semen, so ejaculations will be more abundant. Ginger: it is a circulatory and vasodilator stimulant, so it would enhance erections.

Shellfish: seafood in general is high in zinc, which is good for people with a penis, as it helps the formation of testosterone.

Melon and watermelon: their aphrodisiac properties of these fruits come from the citrulline

Oranges: in general, citrus fruits such as lemon, grapefruit or tangerines have a high concentration of vitamin C which helps to have more abundant ejaculations.

Walnuts: they contain selenium, which is an element that helps improve the health and resistance of sperm.

Oysters: Along with champagne, they have earned a reputation as another of the foods that will help you enjoy sex. They contain zinc, which helps the formation of testosterone in men.

Banana: contains a substance called bufotenin that improves mood.

Salmon: the vitamin D and zinc found in this food, as we have said before, helps to produce testosterone.

Tomatoes: although it is not usual among the foods that help you enjoy sex, the truth is that the beta-carotene it contains is transformed by our body into vitamin A, which is also necessary for the formation of testosterone.

This is the list of pieces you can ingest, are you willing to give them a try? If so, please comment and share with us your results.