Each toy is concibed and designed with pleasure as a mission and passion as inspiration. There's craftmanship mixed with lust behind every feature.


    From the perfect motor to the best technology available; SVAKOM prepares a unique experience for you to enjoy with every single toy you get.


    Our products are made with eco-friendly materials to ensure the reduction of the negative impact on our planet. Less guilt, more pleasure.

Svakom enlists veronica vega and jeremy copleand to celebrate the 2018 oscars


Hollywood loves a great celebration and there are few bigger than the Oscars. On Saturday, March 3rd in celebration of the 2018 Oscars, SVAKOM once again partnered with Celebrity Connected for an exclusive gifting suite for Hollywood's brightest celebrities, musicians and social influencers.

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Augest 2021

Water can become an idyllic setting for sexual intercourse, the perfect formula to get out of the routine. But it also has its dark side. Two experts offer these tips for healthy underwater sex enjoyment

Skateboarding has a long history of being considered as an underground, rebellious and unruly sport. 2021 marks an important shift in skate history.

Taking advantage of these images that surely captured the lens of a journalist, I want to highlight the courage of this boy and the demonstration that our fight for gender equality and freedom of gender expression is paying off.

As an inclusive sex toy company, we are always very outspoken and supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and we treasure the solid relationships we constantly build and nurture across the globe with members of the collective.

Few months ago (at the end of August 2020 to be more precise), SVAKOM cooperated with DROP IN THE BUCKET, a registered international NGO that has been doing, since 2006, community development by building water and sanitation facilities at schools and communities.

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Break the routine! During 2012 a revolutionary company started operations, a company who understood the needs of a market who was thirsty for something new, original and ready to change the sex toy game for good.

From those days on, SVAKOM decided that nothing is more important than the health and high-quality lifestyle of their customers and the industry has embraced this sentiment with open arms.

The mix between advanced technology and elegant designs are a trademark of the brand and our only wish is to keep lighting up more lives with unforgettable pleasure. one orgasm at a time.


What we want to bring into your life, is the freedom, the excitement and the curiosity of the unknown. The drive that will push you to keep exploring your limits is our main purpose and we dare you to do it.

Just pick your toy, your mode and your favorite intensity... with us, you have multiple options and combinations to encounter new levels of clitoral, G-spot, prostate or anal satisfaction.

Try them in the pool, the tub, on a plane or wherever you desire; the fun will never leave your side, ever again.