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SVAKOM Coco Best Beginner’s Soft Flexible Finger G-spot & Anal Vibrator

SVAKOM Coco Best Beginner’s Soft Flexible Finger G-spot & Anal Vibrator

  • Brand: SVAKOM
  • Product Code: SVAKOM Coco(UPC:385606288305)
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Flexible And Soft Finger
Like Beginner's Vibrator

Vibrating Head
With a 4.5 cm curved head designed to reach the perfect spot, every time.
Perfect Angle
Ergonomically designed with a 30°curvature that fits your body comfortably.
Coco's flexible head allows you to explore different areas and positions in order for you to enjoy, effortlessly, from the stimulation you are looking for.
Ideal to get you started
Indulge and start your pleasure journey with COCO, a vibrator with the perfect diameter to get you started (24.9mm). The perfect size, texture and to enjoy and explore.
Slim Design
COCO's neck design provides a special movement unique to this area creating a wave effect that resonates though your entire body.
CocoBest Choice for Anal Sex
Thanks to its length and flexibility, COCO is a great anal stimulation tool. Reaching the P-spot like a pro and moving easily.
CocoPowerful Vibration,
Better Orgasm
6 modes to explore
COCO has 6 modes of vibration to choose from. This finger-like badass will take anyone to climax.

Sophistication is in the details
The soft and delicate look of COCO, along with the strong motor inside, made this toy perfect for exploration.

Everlasting Pleasure
The high-quality of all the material used in this toy will grant you +10,000 hours of fun .
CocoSafe & Soft Material
COCO is made from medical grade silicone. Safe and ultra soft
CocoIPX7 Waterproof
COCO is a toy molded from one single piece of silicone.
CocoWhisper quiet

amy G-spot Vibrator for women
10 dB
blooming flower

SVAKOM product
<50 dB
amy G-spot Vibrator for women
50 dB
ticking clock
amy G-spot Vibrator for women
Normal talking
amy G-spot Vibrator for women
turning fan

Ordinary Vibrator
amy G-spot Vibrator for women
car sirens
COCO uses a special noise-reduction technique that keeps it under 50db.
CocoRechargeable Battery
COCO has a lithium 400mah battery that can be fully charged in two hours for a 4 hour of continuous play-time We recomment to charge all SVAKOM product with the 5V/1A adapter.

Type: Vibrator
Company Name: SVAKOM Design USA Limited
Material: Body-safe silicone + ABS
Size: 25mm × 182mm
Weight: 60g
Battery Capacity: 400mAh
Color: Violet
Battery Capacity: 400mAh
Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery
Charging Time: 2 hours
Using Time: 4 hours
Vibration Modes: 5
Intensities: 5

Refund & Return Policy

Due to the special property of the product, SVAKOM DO NOT ACCEPT returns or exchange queries if it's not product quality issue.