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SVAKOM Cici Soft Flexible Curved Finger G-spot & Anal Prostate Vibrator

SVAKOM Cici Soft Flexible Curved Finger G-spot & Anal Prostate Vibrator

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Tags: Flexible vibrator, Soft flexible vibrator, Flexible sex toy

Flexible Head Vibrator
SVAKOM  Coco Flexible Head Vibrator
SVAKOM  Coco Flexible Head Vibrator
Plum Red
Highlights of Design
30° curve
A natural ergonomic handle with the curve of 30 degree, it enables SVAKOM Cici finger vibrator fits perfectly in the vagina.
Flexible Enough to Bent 180°
SVAKOM Cici Soft flexible finger vibrator can bent from 1 to 180 degree, which help you with finding the C-spot, U-spot, G-spot, A-spot even P-spot effortlessly.
Petit Size, Huge Pleasure
With the head diameter of 24.99mm, Cici vibrator is the all-time best-selling sex toy among 20 something female beginners. With this petit size design, Cici can also be inserted into the vagina along with the penis. Both partners can feel the vibration simultaneously during penetration.
Curved Vibrating Head
The 4.5cm head with curves is the difference between SVAKOM Cici and SVAKOM Coco. The outter 5cm vaginal area is where U-spot & G-spot lies. The curves of Cici can gently rub every sensitive nerve endings of the inner vagina. Female Ejaculation can also happen in your bedroom with Cici Soft Vibrator.
Slim Wrist Design
The 11.95mm slim wrist of Cici Anal Prostate Vibrator makes the swing of Cici's head to be bigger and stronger to simulate finger pokes for waves of pleasure.
CiciDesigned not Only for Women
Soft Flexible finger vibrator. also acts as a good choice to do anal stimulation. It's longer than most of the anal plugs in the market. With the flexibility of the Cici Vibrator, it can massage the male prostate spot (also known as P-spot) easily. Prostate milking is the Holy Grail of male sexuality. If you're ready, willing, and able, explore with SVAKOM Cici Soft Flexible Finger Vibrator to achieve mind-blowing multiple orgasms without even having to touch their cock at all.
CiciPowerful Vibration,
Better Orgasm
Choice Engines for 6 Pleasurable Modes to be Chose
SVAKOM Cici Anal Prostate Vibrator has 6 modes of vibration to choose, each and every one of them makes female wet, male milk.

Fine Parts & Structure
The sophisticated structure composed by the fine parts inside Cici continuously convey the strong horsepower from the motor.

High-quality Circuit Board
The high-quality Circuit Board can enable SVAKOM Cici Anal Prostate Vibrator a10000-plus-hour service lifespan.
CiciSafe & Soft Material
Cici Anal Plug is made from medical level silicone which is also used to make pacifiers. It's safe and ultra-soft.
CiciIPX7 Waterproof
SVAKOM Cici Soft Flexible Finger Vibrator, mode from one single piece of silicone, is IPX7 waterproof. It's easy to clean and can be used in bathroom, swimming pool.
CiciWhisper quiet

amy G-spot Vibrator for women
10 db
blooming flower

SVAKOM product
<50 db
amy G-spot Vibrator for women
50 db
ticking clock
amy G-spot Vibrator for women
Normal talking
amy G-spot Vibrator for women
turning fan

Ordinary Vibrator
amy G-spot Vibrator for women
car sirens
With the 3-layer noise reduction technique, the sound of Cici's motor is less than 50db, which is quieter than the tick-tock of a clock.
CiciRechargeable Battery
SVAKOM Cici Soft Flexible Finger Vibrator adopted a lithium battery, and this rechargeable vibrator for women has a battery capacity of 400mah which can be fully-charged in only 2 hours and provide about 4 hours of continuous pleasure. All SVAKOM products should be charged with the adapter of 5V/1A output voltage/current.

Type: Vibrator
Company Name: SVAKOM Design USA Limited
Material: Body-safe silicone + ABS
Size: 25mm × 182mm
Weight: 60g
Colour: Violet / Plum Red
Battery Capacity: 400mAh
Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery
Charging Time: 2 hours
Using Time: 4 hours
Water Repellency: Waterproof
Vibration Modes: 5
Intensities: 5

Refund & Return Policy

Due to the special property of the product, SVAKOM DO NOT ACCEPT returns or exchange queries if it's not product quality issue.