Intelligent Pleasure

In 2009 SVAKOM designer David Yu wanted to create an easier way for women to pleasure themselves. He thought that if it was possible to not only program a mode for SVAKOM’s toys, he could create a more sophisticated mode based on women’s feedback and experiences. David began interviewing women about their experiences with pleasure products and how they envision the perfect intimate pleasure experience. After the interviews, David went one step further and took his newfound feedback to the design lab where through countless testing and user feedback, he crafted Intelligent Mode. Intelligent Mode begins slowly, pulsing, seducing the user and inviting you to come along for an intimate encounter. Once Intelligent Mode gets going the pulses become more intense and will take you to places you never thought a pleasure product could take you. After just a few minutes you will be on the verge ecstasy and it is up to you whether you want to continue with Intelligent Mode or take control into your own hands. The choice is yours.