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SVAKOM IVY Unique Curved Head Remote-Controlled Wearable Intelligent Vibrating G-spot & Clitoris Bullet Egg

SVAKOM IVY Unique Curved Head Remote-Controlled Wearable Intelligent Vibrating G-spot & Clitoris Bullet Egg

  • Brand: SVAKOM
  • Product Code: SVAKOM IVY
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Smart Wireless Vibrating Bullet
The world's leader in Intelligent intimate lifestyle products

● SVAKOM Intelligent Mode
● 26 Different Frequency Experiences
● Wireless Remote Control
● Eco-friendly material
● Waterproof Design

● Designed With a String, Convenient to Use
● Small Size For Traveling
● Elegant Contoured Shape
● USB Rechargeable
● Whisper Quiet

IVYUnique Curved Head For
Ultimate Pleasure
With its uniquely curved design, SVAKOM IVY Unique Curved Head will stimulate the pleasure spots at a perfect angle. It will offer you ultimate pleasure way beyond your imaginations. Its ergonomic shape makes it easy to insert.
IVYWireless Remote Control
SVAKOM IVY can be operated with and without the remote control. With its discrete and quiet design, you can use it anytime at anyplace. For a self-play or share it with your partner, let this smart bullet satisfy all your needs.
IVY26 Different Frequencies
IVY has 5 different modes, and 5 intensities in every mode, so you have 5 x 5 = 25 + 1(Intelligent Mode)=26 selections. More ways for you to explore.
IVYHow To Use The Buttons?
Press "S" for 3s to turn on/off
Single click "S" to switch the intensity
Double click "S" to switch the mode
Remote Control

Single click the "S" button to
enter into SVAKOM intelligent mode

Single click the "△" to
enhance the intensity

Single click the"▽" to
weaken the intensity

Double click the "△" button to
enter into the next mode

Double click the"▽" button to
enter into the last mode

Remote control can not turn on the vibrator

IVYGreat For G-spot Stimulation
IVY can find your G-spot very easily and give it a continuous stimulation. No matter how deep it gets into, with our safety string, it is very easy to remove.
IVYIvy's Features
IVY is a remote-controlled vibrator which will free your hands during sex and will allow you to enjoy more and different types of pleasure. Its 26 different frequencies will give you the chance to discover multiple ways to play, from a gentle touch around nipple and clitoris to a full insertion that will stimulate the G-spot. It will thrill your whole body giving you sensations that you never experienced before. With its portable size and its silent vibrations, you will be able to pleasure yourself wherever you are or with whoever you are. 

●Material: body-safe silicone + ABS
●Size: Φ32 * 100mm
●Weight: 55g
●Battery Capacity: 300mAh
●Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery
●Charging Time: 1.2 hour
●Using Time: 3 hours
●Water Repellency: Waterproof
●Vibrate Modes: 5+1
●Intensities: 5
●Remote: 57*37*14.5mm
●Operating Range: 10m

Refund & Return Policy

Due to the special property of the product, SVAKOM DO NOT ACCEPT returns or exchange queries if it's not product quality issue.