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Free Gift Box For the Three Luckiest Buyers
Campaign Time: 11th to 26th of This Dec.

How to Participate:
1. Good news! You will be immediately part of the contest just by placing an order!
2. The more you buy during the campaign, the bigger chance you have to win the gift box.
3.Awards for everyone are guaranteed. In total 3 Gift Boxes, 5000 USD-valued coupon codes, free lubricants, free toys, etc will be given.

When and How will we anouce the winners:
The 28th of December, winners will be announced through SVAKOM Official Facebook Page. Please, follow us on facebook to be aware of the campaign.

When will we start to ship the gifts?
Winners will be contacted to collect the necessary information for shipment. After shipping information confirmed, the gifts will be shipped and tracking number will be provided after 3 business days.

Notice:The total price will be deducted automatically at shopping cart if your order met the discount term.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!
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