May 14,2016

Ways to make the most of Missionary Position

Missionary is all time favourite position for couples during the sex. However, when you keep doing the same move, over and over again, you might be tempted and wants to get rid of this position. But we suggest you to carry on and turn the heat up with this oldie but Goldie style of sex by elevating your body at different angles.

Get High for deep penetration

You can use a pillow to elevate your butt for deeper penetration in order to increase your chances to make your partner easily reach at the G Spot.

Double up your pleasure with Sex Toys

Boost up your pleasure by using Vibrators for Women like SVAKOM’s Lucas that can stimulate Clitoris with its rabbit shape and comes with 6 vibrations plus an intelligent mode.

Squeeze tight by closing your legs

Closing your legs together during the intercourse allows the penis to stimulate your clitoris at the high end that gives you immense pleasure.

Make an eye contact

Holding gaze of your partner and seeing every moment of his emotional reaction towards your body during intercourse is literally an inferno in which everyone wants to get inside.

Kiss more and massage your body

A kiss or a smooch plays a vital role in arousal and there is no other position like missionary, where your lips are close enough. In between the session, you can use nipple and g spot massager like our Luna & Selene Wireless Remote Mutual Control Interactive massager, so that you never lose your rhythm while your partner regains the stamina.

Hug it out

Wrap your arms around his back and pull him down close to yours to boost the intimacy. Grab his hips (not recommended from the pelvis) to control the speed and power.


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