May 14,2016

Upgrade your Sex Life with these 5 Quick Tricks in 2016

There is much difference between spectacular sex and just so-so one. Many Women lost the feeling in the middle of sex when it starts to get boring and turns into the motions. However, it is possible to initiate some changes in the middle of sex in order to make it more interesting and more pleasurable by following these vital tips:

Get up close and personal with props

For ultimate sexual pleasure, pillow could be your best prop to use it as the way you want. So prop it against the headboard and allow him to sit up with his back against it, and straddle him. In this way you can hold each other during intercourse and that extra skin to skin contact will heat up the things fast. You can use Vibrators to enhance pleasure.

Change your locations

Everyone love changes. So stop what you are doing everyday and lead him to kitchen, living room, staircase or bathroom sink or anywhere just outside the bedroom. Checking out the naked bodies of each other while moving around is the real moments that keep both of you turn on.

Focus on Erogenous zones

Play with each other erogenous zone (nipples, inner thighs and neck) until you can barely stand it. Create your rule and tell your partner that you won’t allow to orgasm until you say he can. You can use Emma that comes with removable Silicone Rabbit shape head for limitless pleasure.

Make Eyes contact

Eye locking is one of the most effective ways to instantly boost up sexual pleasure. Looking at each other deepens internal bonding and amplifies arousal. The longer you stare at each other, the more bonded you will feel.

Go for Slip and slide

Don’t underestimate the power of lubes. They can lead to hotter and longer sex by reducing friction and heightening the level of sensations that leads to extra stimulation.  SVAKOM soon going to introduce a wide range of lubes that help you to achieve multiple orgasm.


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