May 16,2016

Reasons Why your Foreplay feels stale and how to refresh it up 

In the foreplay department, following the same routine everyday can quickly lead to failure of sexual pleasure. To overcome this, we have listed the following errors so that you can figure out where you are going wrong and what to do in order to sort it out sooner before its too late:

You use the same moves over and over and over again

You may become bored or disengaged by performing same moves for foreplay. Most of the time you always find yourself rushing during foreplay to get it over with soon. But this is where you went wrong. Researcher says that use of props like Vibrators for Women helps partner to stay together in a long run. So never be in rush.

You waited for the next move instead pressing the escalator by yourself

Instead of waiting for his next move that could spoil your mood, throw your man a bone by guiding him with sense of direction, either moving his hands or mouth at your hot areas that turn you high. Most of men appreciate this and give feedback with sigh, moan or squeeze.

You rarely get it all alone after team up with your partner

Masturbation is key to sexual satisfaction. But most of Women rely on partnered sex to be their only outlet. As a result, they may face problem in orgasm. So it is vital to know your body well and give some time for yourself by masturbating everyday with sex toys for women. Masturbation should be a part of your regular health regime.

You don’t consider foreplay as a main event

Foreplay not started with your body but with your brain. Start doing preparation in the morning, by pushing him towards the wall and passionately kiss him, send him text during break. This will fantasize your feelings towards each other and enhance your pleasure when you get home.


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