May 14,2016

According to the study published in the journal Neuro Quantology, there are three distinctive types of female orgasm viz. Clitoral, Blended and Vaginal. If you missed any of them, you should try it tonight in order to keep your Sex life active with immense pleasure. There is more than one body tingling ways that lead to a happy ending and the more paths you travel, the more exciting will be your sex life that will stay for a long time.

Clitoral Orgasm

This is the external sweet spot you know well. Its go-to-point of stimulation that makes you feel over the edge, thanks to the 8,000 nerve ending that congregate there.

Techniques to try: To stimulate it, asks your partner to make big circles with his fingers, including the labia, shaft and upper part of the hood over clitoral. During intercourse, spooning position is the best.

Enhance your chances: If you are single, still you can enjoy by using sex toys or in other words called female vibrators like SVAKOM’s Echo, which gives you ultimate orgasm when touches you with its seductive tongue.

Vaginal Orgasm

It is still a mystery about how to find the G Spot during the intercourse, as your partner mostly miss the target in this field. A study says that only 30 percent women claim that their partner hit the target through penetration.

Techniques to try: Locate the hot zone by yourself, before your partner gets in to the real action. On a solo night, you can explore beyond the front wall of your vagina with your fingertips and find the area which is spongy and rippled. Once you touch, you will feel damn good. And then during the intercourse, ask your man to target this area.

Enhance your chances: Switch the sex positions, to achieve it. Or else, you can use our Amy, comes with intelligent design starting from a simple wisp of curve that will easily stimulate the G Spot with ease and offer you hours of pleasure.

Blended Orgasm

According to the experts, combined clitoral and vaginal orgasm is the most powerful way to enjoy sexual drive.

Techniques to try: That’s the reason why most experts recommended the girl on top position, which is the perfect angle for the double whammy finish. Even in the missionary position, you can ask your man to make his body an inch up so that your hips aligned and his base of the penis stimulates clitoris and penis stimulates the G Spot together.

Enhance your Chances: Lots of kissing, touching the sensitive parts, licking and massaging by your partner during foreplay arouses the feeling. Well, couple even use sex toys or female sex massager like SVAKOM’s Alice with dual stimulators that stimulates both clitoral and G Spot and the 8 passion modes of speed and pulsation will get the job done every time.


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