May 31,2016

5 Moves for Better Sex

The missionary position is considered as the best position that offer a lot of variations as it exposes the nerve ending zone called clitoris for a wider range of sensations and is surprisingly orgasm friendly. So Amp up the experience to achieve multiple orgasm with these hot new twists that will definitely enhance the level of pleasure beyond your expectations.

Take Control

No matter if he is on the top, you can still control the pace by gently throw one of your legs over his shoulder while keeping the other one straight stretched on the bed. Keep switching the legs at your own pace, one is on the bed and one is on the shoulder. The up and down movements of your legs creates a pleasurable deep sensation at your G Spot and you can achieve multiple orgasm in a single sex session. During the foreplay, you can ask him to stimulate the clitoris with Echo – A Vibrator for women that stimulates the clitoris with its Intelligent mode.

Let him Explore Deep

Draws your knees towards your chest when he is on the top and place both of your feet on his chest for deeper penetration of the penis. By doing so puts the tip of his penis in direct contact with your cervix and give you the sensation which many women find the most pleasurable.

Use all available props

Make use of pillow to explore deeper. Place it under your lower back to tilt your vagina upward that allows his penis to hit the top frontal wall where the G Spot exist. To enhance pleasure, place your palms on his buts to control the pace.

Bring your Man to his knees

No, we are not talking about the marriage proposal kind of event! It is all about the angle of penetration. Just simply lie down and have your guy kneel between your legs so that his butt resting on his ankles. He can grab your hips to control the pace and strength of his thighs to push forward his penis with perfect rhythm.

Straighten up your legs

It sounds a bit counterintuitive, however, keeping your legs close can actually boost the level of pleasure. Once he penetrated his penis inside you, bring your legs together and squeeze your thighs to create friction against his shaft and your bottom lips. If your vagina loses after childbirth, you can tighten up with SVAKOM’s Nova – a set of three Kegel exercise balls specially meant to perform kegel ball exercise.


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