July 25,2016

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Here is how to ask for more Sex without admitting it directly

Being in a relationship means you will definitely get some. But due to some reasons, it doesn’t happen as much as you like or the way you like. The reason might vary from daily work stress or you just have kids around and don’t get enough time to indulge.

So whatever the reason is, not having enough sex just sucks. But don’t worry, you are not alone here. It is one of the most common complaints of the couples have while attending the sex therapy or consultation. Every individual has different biorhythms or the way they deal with stress - all of which negatively affect the sexuality. Here we have listed some vital points about how to go and get more in every session:

·Ask him for more foreplay for longer sex drive

Foreplay decides how much you can enjoy during the intercourse. Ask your partner for more for a longer sex drive. Sex Toys are the best option for perfect foreplay to stimulate both clitoris and G Spot together. SVAKOM’s Cherry is the softest vibrator for female made of medical grade silicone that gives you optimal pleasure with its 8 vibrating modes plus an intelligent mode.

·Rethink about sex to explore new sex tactics

Research says that lowering your expectations for penetrative sex and orgasm generally leads to better sex and multiple orgasms. Changing the position during sex can also fantasize and results in long stay.

·Play up how hot he is

Talking about how much he turns you on creates more positive spins and ups the odds. When you are on it, you can mention that you need more sex so that he must be well prepared to perform every action. You can even ask her to use stimulators for the clitoris like our Echo massager for women meant especially for clitoris so that you can enjoy the most during sex drive.

·Reinforce how much you like it

Tell your partner about your hot experience to let him know how awesome you think when you actually do have sex.  Opportunist Sex creates more closeness between the partners regardless of whatever stress is going on in their lives.


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